General Digital Receives Record Award From General Dynamics in Support of Mission Display Program

Today, General Digital Corporation is pleased to announce the award of a multi-million dollar developmental contract in support of a major Mission Display program for General Dynamics. The contract, the largest in General Digital’s 51-Year history, shows that the company is poised to continue providing innovative display solutions for decades to come. “This award is […]

Saber PanelMount avionic display

General Digital Celebrates 50th Anniversary

This week, we celebrated our 50th anniversary of providing world-class manufacturing and engineering services for defense, aerospace, medical devices, and other intensive applications. We have built a reputation for providing innovative solutions to engineering challenges with their ability to tailor a product to meet a customer’s exact specifications. We had the honor of hosting a […]

General Digital Receives AS9100D Certification

This month, General Digital Corporation was awarded the AS9100D Quality Management System Certification in recognition of our robust operational standards. The AS9100D QMS certificate recognizes that our Quality Management System is in conformance with the International Quality System Standard and was awarded by American Systems Registrar, an ANAB- and IATF-approved global registration services company. This new certification […]

AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015 QMS Certified

One-Stop Shop: General Digital to Produce Wide Range of Ruggedized Electronics

For decades, General Digital has dutifully served all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces and America’s allies with cutting-edge rack mount, panel mount, and standalone display solutions. During this time, we have built a reputation of providing customized products that are tailored to the rigorous demands of these extreme applications, with a focus on long-product […]

Tactical ThreeView Comes to Life

General Digital is pleased to announce our first-ever triple-display workstation. Similar to our Tactical TwoView workstation, the Tactical ThreeView is equipped with three 21.5″ displays, an integrated computer system, USB-C operation, and field-replaceable components. It’s housed in a military-compliant enclosure with a base for storage of the keyboard and other essentials. Located aboard U.S. Navy aircraft […]

GDC President Bryan Gudrian Riding To Fight Cancer in the Pan-Mass Challenge for Dana-Farber

This Summer, General Digital President & Owner Bryan Gudrian will ride in the Pan-Mass Challenge to benefit the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. This is an important cause for Bryan, as three of his family members received beneficial treatment at Dana-Farber. About PMC The Pan-Mass Challenge is an annual bike-a-thon with thousands of riders and volunteers from around the world. […]

Space Ready: Mike Mendoza Completes Space Applications Electronic Hardware Addendum to IPC J-STD-001

Back in November, our very own Mike Mendoza earned the title of Certified IPC Specialist by completing the Application Specialist course on IPC J-STD-001: Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies. An impressive achievement in its own right, Mike has built on this by completing the Space Applications Electronic Hardware Addendum to IPC J-STD-001. Mike’s […]

General Digital Invests in New Capital Equipment

Spurred by recent growth, General DIgital has purchased new capital equipment to enhance our confidence testing ability, improve our PCB production capabilities, and further modernize our facility. Confidence Testing Our ability to perform confidence testing on outbound hardware is a crucial part of our quality management process and gives customers peace of mind knowing thier products won’t […]

We’re Proud to Congratulate Mike Mendoza on His Milestone Accomplishment!

After much study, our very own Mike Mendoza has earned the title Certified IPC Specialist. He achieved this great honor by successfully completing the Application Specialist course on IPC J-STD-001: Requirements for Soldered Electrial and Electronic Assemblies. During his 6 years at General Digital, Mike has gone above and beyond to learn much about various display production processes. […]

Third Time’s the Charm! General Digital Hosts Long-Awaited Grand Opening Ceremony

This July, East Hartford Mayor Marica Leclerc stopped by to celebrate our company’s recent move back to East Hartford, our original hometown. While we hoped to have an event like this when we moved in June ’20, the dangers of the COVID-19 pandemic prohibited us from doing so. We originally scheduled the event for the […]

Multiple General Digital Rugged Display Units Pass Formal Certification

This quarter, General Digital celebrates multiple display products passing formal certification as we continue to serve a role in key defense programs. The first unit is our new Tactical TwoView (see APRIL 2021), which is certified to MIL-STD-810G for environmental requirements (shock, vibration, etc.) and FCC Class B for EMI. Another unit passed TEMPEST certification prior […]

General Digital Releases Military Dual Display Workstation

General Digital Corporation, the innovator of flat panel displays, is thrilled to introduce the Tactical TwoView™ (T2V) as the warfighter’s choice for their next generation of rugged workstations. Slated for deployment in major defense programs, the T2V family of workstations is one of the first commercially available dual monitor solutions certified to MIL-STD 810G and is designed […]



General Digital Corporation Passes Annual ISO 9001:2015 Audit for its Quality Management System

September 2020
(Photo caption: Celebrating the passage of the annual ISO 9001:2015 audit are members of the new product development team with the soon-to-be-released Tactical TwoView™ family of displays.) General Digital Corporation is thrilled to announce that we have achieved our first major milestone since moving to a new facility: passing our annual ISO 9001:2015 audit. The ISO […]

General Digital Announces Expansion to New, Larger Facility

July 2020
Like nearly all companies worldwide, General Digital was also affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a member of the Defense Industrial Base, it was critical for us to find a way to safely fulfill our commitments to our customers. After transitioning all our office employees to virtual work, 100% of our production staff remained in place while following […]


General Digital Corporation Granted ISO 9001:2015 Certification for its Quality Management System

July 2019
South Windsor, CT (July 2, 2019) – General Digital Corporation (General Digital) today announced that the company has earned certification to ISO 9001:2015 for its Quality Management System. General Digital is an engineering services company that: Designs and manufactures contemporary engineered solutions Specializes in designing and manufacturing industrial- and military-grade monitors, smart displays, computers, control electronics, […]

We Welcome Our New VP of Business Development for Display Systems

May 2019
General Digital is pleased to announce that United States Army veteran, Bryan Dunn, has joined our team as Vice President of Business Development – Display Systems Business Unit. Bryan will use his leadership skills to further General Digital’s growth by focusing on customer satisfaction, with lasting solutions to unique problems. Bryan brings over 20 years of […]

Software Engineering Services Develops Pupilometer Software with Partner AlgometRx

January 2019
Scientists are looking for a way to measure pain, beyond the emoji-style sad faces. This prototype was designed and built by General Digital engineers. The design specifications were form the inventor, Dr. Julia Finkel, a pediatric anesthesiologist and director of pain research at Children’s Sheikh Zayed Institute for Pediatric Surgical Innovation. This is an important […]

Pupilometer in action


Taking Your Bonded LCDs to Greater Extremes with GenGard F801

October 2018
General Digital is excited to announce GenGard F801™, the next revolution of LCD bonding, specially processed for high altitude (up to 60,000 feet), extreme temperatures (-45° and beyond) and severe shock and vibration. Our Optical Bonding Laboratories developed proprietary process that enables displays to survive increasingly hostile and demanding environments, whether they be in the depths […]

The EU Clamps Down on Medical Device Regulations

August 2018
At this moment in the global economy, one of the most talked about subjects is the Trump administration’s tariffs around the globe. Disregarding the political chatter, their stated objective is to create fair-trade agreements, by way of tariffs, between the USA and our import/export leaders: China and the European Union (EU). Recently, the Trump administration […]

MRI machine

We Welcome a New Intern

July 2018
General Digital welcomes Melissa Levin to an internship in our Marketing Department. She is in her senior year at the University of Connecticut, studying communications with hopes of pursing a career in marketing and public relations. Since she started, she has worked on numerous projects including producing social media content each week, assisting in Web site […]

IV&V Department is Breaking Records

May 2018
Recently, General Digital’s Software Engineering Services business unit has taken on quite a few new hires to help with the latest contracts we acquired, serving the industrial and medical fields. In April, with the big boost of personnel behind these projects, we surpassed our previous monthly record of 2,000 hours from our dedicated and diligent […]

IV&V department is breaking records

Steel and Aluminum Tariffs to Impact U.S. Manufacturers

March 2018
With the tariffs on steel and aluminum imports enacted by President Trump, many are expecting prices on all sorts of U.S.-produced goods to skyrocket. For any U.S. industry using these metals, the impact is going to be real. However, General Digital anticipates a less substantial increase than the 25% for steel and 10% for aluminum. […]

Steel & Aluminum tariffs to impact US manufacturers

Kicking Off the New Year with New Software Contracts

January 2018
General Digital Software Engineering Services is happy to announce that the new year has brought forth quite a few new software opportunities in the aerospace industry. One project integrates hardware and software for a specialized weatherproofing application to be used in the field. Other projects include local aerospace manufacturers who are utilizing our expertise and consulting […]


SlimLine 1U with Blu-ray Drive and KVM Switch Nearing Completion

November 2017
General Digital is excited to announce that we will soon release our first SlimLine 1U with an optional integrated Blu-ray™ drive and KVM switch. Both options are available across our entire SlimLine Series lineup, as well as most of our other display products. With a disc drive integrated into your unit, no more will you waste valuable time […]

Slim Barracuda Nearing Completion

October 2017
Completing custom orders and taking on unique jobs is a typical day at General Digital. Recently, unsure if it was even possible, the U.S. Army inquired if we could build our waterproof Barracuda monitor in a slim enclosure. Naturally, we surpassed expectations with this one-of-a-kind display. A much leaner version of our current Barracuda line, this military-grade […]

Introducing 7″ Monitor with DisplayLink Interface for Drone Applications

September 2017
General Digital’s display engineering team recently developed a 7-inch open frame monitor available in a variety of configurations. Many Impact Monitor Kits are configured for military applications, including our latest model, which features a DisplayLink® Video-Over-USB interface for Armed Forces drone applications. The possibilities are nearly endless with a smaller sized monitor such as the Impact 7. Options […]

Impact 7-inch with DisplayLink interface

Full HD Dual Mode LCDs Available

July 2017
For years now, General Digital has offered dual mode displays, meaning that the LCD is capable of being sunlight readable and NVIS compatible. And the dual mode design is not off-the-shelf; we spent countless man-hours developing and testing our own unique configuration to better serve our customers. We are pleased to announce that we can now […]

General Digital Welcomes Many New Hires

June 2017
General Digital has just expanded our Software Engineering Services business unit with new hires. The department has nearly doubled in size over the past few months, as we have been awarded several new contracts for software development and IV&V testing. We want to thank SES Sales & Business Manager Bill Stamm and everyone else for […]

General Digital welcomes many new hires

Many Display Head Assembly Data Sheets Released

May 2017
We’ve been busy creating data sheets for many new Display Head Assembly ( DHA) products. We offer DHAs in standard sizes from 6.5″ to 24″, though we can accommodate nearly any size our customers require. Most displays we offer can be equipped for sunlight readability, use with night vision goggles, glare and reflection reduction, EMI […]

General Digital Wins Contracts from Multiple Medical Device Companies

May 2017
Our recently won contracts from multiple medical device companies (from startups to billion dollar global companies) have more than helped us prove ourselves as experts in the field. As well, they have readied us for the potential troubles experienced by many startup medical device companies, such as finalizing their products to become FDA (Food & Drug […]

General Digital Wins Contracts from Multiple Medical Device Companies

Introducing the New TwoView 2 Vertical!

February 2017
General Digital’s brand new TwoView 2 Vertical allows users to enjoy all the same features as that of the original TwoView & Twoview 2, while also being able to flip the monitors vertically, saving horizontal space. This new design still permits enhancements of the monitor, which can be modified to both high brightness—with a sunlight readability of […]


Introducing Our New 4K Resolution 24″ LCD Monitor

September 2016
General Digital has just finished constructing our first 4K monitor. The first configuration is equipped with a 23.8″ LCD, though other sizes will be available soon (27″, 30″ and larger). The 3840 x 2160 resolution screen displays 1.07 billion colors at a contrast ratio of 1000:1. Enclosed in our rugged Saber Standalone housing, this ultra high definition display is ideal […]

Introducing Our New 4K Resolution 24-inch LCD Monitor

Now Available: MIL-STD-901D-Compliant Sealed Marine-Grade LCD Monitors

August 2016
General Digital is pleased to announce the release of our Barracuda PanelMount Solar/NVIS 901D marine-grade MIL-STD-901D-compliant 15.0″ and 17.0″ LCD monitors, complete with sunlight readable and NVIS-compatible displays. Environmentally sealed to meet IP67 standards, and equipped with advanced features like an EMI micro-mesh filter, military-grade +9 to +36 VDC power supply, optically-bonded touch screen, circular polarizer […]

Barracuda PanelMount Solar NVIS 17-inch

Antiglare Film Applied to 55″ Monitor

July 2016
General Digital’s Optical Bonding Laboratories has successfully applied an antiglare film film to a large format 55 inch LCD monitor. A large form factor display can be quite a challenge to work with, but our team’s patience and expertise paid off. This display will be used in an avionic simulator by our customer, a prominent […]


VueSim™ Debuts at I/ITSEC Trade Show

December 2015
General Digital debuted the newest iteration of our VueSim HMI™ flight simulator monitor at I/ITSEC 2015. The 7104 model is a smart monitor that accepts ARINC 429, as well as Ethernet signals, successfully displaying its versatility. Featuring bonded glass and a high quality display with guaranteed 10-year product availability, the 7104 is available with many options, including sunlight […]

MFD Project Going Well

General Digital Awarded Titan Monitor Contract for the Canadian Navy’s Artic Patrol Ships

August 2015
General Digital has been awarded yet another contract for our Titan monitor—this time for eighteen Titan Standalone 65.0″ units for the Canadian Navy’s Arctic Patrol Ships. The monitors will be equipped with mutiple video inputs, including Dual DVI-D, HDMI, VGA, Composite BNC and HD Component. The displays will be shatter resistant, and have an antireflective and ITO-coated […]

Development and Verification Completed

August 2015
General Digital Software Engineering Services recently completed a development and verification effort for a sub-component of the CH-47 Chinook helicopter.

CH-47 Chinook with troops

General Digital Awarded Titan Monitor Contract for Brazilian Navy Submarines

June 2015
General Digital has enjoyed great success supplying our Titan Series of monitors to the U.S. Navy for Los Angeles- and Virginia-class submarines, not to mention future Ohio-class subs. Our Titan PanelMount 39.0″ LCD monitors have been selected for the retrofitting of Brazilian Navy Submarine plotter tables. We will provide a rugged tempered glass overlay for the plotter […]

GenStar IV Nears Completion

April 2015
General Digital is nearing completion of our completely redesigned FAA air traffic control tower monitor, the GenStar IV™. Available with either a 19.0″ or 21.3″ display, our newest GenStar LCD monitor features a host of improvements over the previous generation, including an Advanced Display Interface System, active monitoring and reporting of system performance and faults, […]

GenStar IV 21.3"

Our Team is Growing

March 2015
Our Software Engineering group welcomes a new Software Engineer, Bill Crabtree. Bill was previously employed with General Digital many years ago.

Bill Crabtree

Simulation Displays in Development

February 2015
General Digital is delving into the cockpit display and flight simulator market to complement our existing product lines and help us pave a path towards manufacturing avionics products. Following are a few of the products and software on which we’ve been working. Vista™ SD4104: A basic 10.4″ display designed for use with flight simulators, providing […]

VueSim 10.4-inch

KC-390 First Flight Successful!

February 2015
General Digital Software Engineering Services is extremely proud that we were an integral part of the verification efforts for the KC-390. Way to go, team! Great job! Read the press release about its maiden flight.

KC-390 First Flight Successful!

Ideal for Extreme Environments

January 2015
General Digital’s latest proprietary UV bonding process will take you where no other silicone bond has gone before! Did you know that UV (ultraviolet) technology allows for wider temperature ranges than traditional silicone bonds? Our formulation will survive temperature extremes beyond –55° C, well suited for today’s harsh environmental military applications. In addition to improved […]


MFD Project Going Well

August 2014
The Software Engineering group is making good progress on the prototype of the Multifunction Cockpit Display project that is targeted for rotary-wing and fixed-wing aircraft (and we are considering derivatives for other industries). While the General Digital Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) and Aircraft Communications FPGAs are in development, the software group is writing the planning […]

MFD Project Going Well

Turning Heads with Our New Side-Mount SlimLine Lite II

July 2014
General Digital prides itself on being a “customer-driven company,” allowing our products to develop as our customers’ needs evolve. Our SlimLine family is no exception. A customer who regularly orders our SlimLine Lite II approached us recently because even the shallow depth it offers did not afford them the space needed to operate the unit while facing […]

Our Team is Growing

July 2014
In July, our IV&V group welcomed new Test Engineer Alex Higgins. In August, our Software Engineering group welcomes new Software Engineers Dan Guerrera from UCONN School of Engineering, and Laura Eberhard from XOS Corporation. For their first task, Dan and Laura will be developing software for a Multifunction Cockpit Display Project.

Alex Higgins

Titan to Team Up with TV Tuner

April 2014
After upgrading from our 37-inch Titan PanelMount to its 39-inch replacement (see December 2013 New & Noteworthy), our customer wanted additional capability; this time, in the form of a TV tuner. Complete with a 50-point multi-touch sensor overlay and accepting a wide variety of video inputs, this 39-inch Titan is more than just a large screen television set. […]

19″ Barracuda is Here!

February 2014
As promised, our upgraded outdoor 19-inch Barracuda LCD monitor product line has arrived. It recently demonstrated its capabilities by enduring the rigors of our submersion chamber, meaning it has to remain under water at a depth of 1 meter for a minimum of 30 minutes. Sporting the compact design and sleeker look of its 15-inch and 17-inch […]

Barracuda PanelMount 19-inch

Barracuda Goes Mobile

January 2014
General Digital’s Barracuda line of waterproof and IP67 environmentally-sealed LCD monitors continue to grab attention. Oriental Express Rickshaw, a pedicab company serving Universal Orlando Resort in Florida, plans to install our 15-inch Sunlight Readable Barracuda Standalone into its pedicabs. With a bright, easy to read and completely weatherproof display, our outdoor monitors will enable local advertisers to promote […]


Titan Upgrades

December 2013
Constantly looking for ways to upgrade our designs, General Digital found a 39-inch flat panel LCD replacement capable of occupying the same footprint as its predecessor, the 37-inch Titan PanelMount™. Boasting a slimmer, lighter weight design, and relying on LED backlights for lower power consumption and lower heat emission, the Titan 39-inch PanelMount serves as a […]

Saber Standalone Used in Naval Training Simulator

November 2013
Aero Simulation, Inc. (ASI) is using four General Digital 21.5 inch Saber Standalone™ LCD monitors in their HC-144A Operational Flight Trainer. Awarded by the Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division, the $22.3M program directly supports the U.S. Coast Guard’s aviation training requirements for this new aircraft platform. The Saber Standalone is the perfect complement to the Trainer, with […]

Four Saber Standalone Solar monitors in an avionic simulator

Upgraded Barracuda Line

September 2013
First introduced in 2008, our Barracuda™ line of waterproof and IP67-environmentally sealed LCD monitors is undergoing some important changes. With 15 inch and 17 inch models already available in rack mount, panel mount, and standalone configurations, a 19 inch monitor is coming soon. Eliminating the large bezel that once characterized the Barracuda, this redesign will feature a more compact enclosure. Sporting a sleeker look, […]

Barracuda PanelMount Solar NVIS 17-inch

AUVSI Trade Show

August 2013
General Digital Software Engineering Services will have a booth at AUVSI’s Unmanned Systems 2013 trade show in Washington, D.C., from August 12–15. We look forward to meeting new faces and discussing software testing and any other topics of interest.

Raphael in our booth at AUVSI 2013

The TwoView Continues to Inspire

June 2013
Ever the innovators, General Digital continues to enhance the design of the TwoView™, our flagship military-grade dual flip-up display unit equipped with an integral keyboard and trackball. Our customers are always looking for ways to maximize rack space, so we worked hard to have our newest TwoView fit in a smaller footprint. Utilizing slightly leaner construction while maintaining industrial-grade fortitude, […]

TwoView 19-inch

GenStar III Improvements

February 2013
The GenStar™ line is a mountable sunlight readable LCD monitor specifically designed by General Digital for the FAA’s STARS program for use in air traffic control towers. This latest iteration sees significant improvements over previous generations, such as reduced power consumption and heat generation, which results in significant direct cost savings (smaller power supply, smaller heat sinks and/or smaller fans). Another plus is […]

GenStar III

Custom Built Saber RackMount 901D for Netherlands Navy

January 2013
Designed specifically for use by the Royal Netherlands Navy, this military-spec Saber RackMount 901D™ is built to go the distance. Features include a high performance 19 inch display; a drip- and splash-proof enclosure, complete with sealed and tethered connector covers; a front bezel-mounted compact flash card reader and USB port; numerous video ports; and much more.

Saber RackMount 901 19-inch Monitor


Now Supporting Fiber Optic Video

December 2012
General Digital now offers support for fiber optic video signal input acceptance. With the increasing emergence of high resolution and high definition video applications for long range high-fidelity imaging usage, we are pleased to be able to provide another video input option to the many we currently offer, including DisplayPort, DVI and HDMI. We are noticing more […]

Fiber optics

Now Supporting DisplayPort Video

September 2012
General Digital now offers support for DisplayPort video signal input acceptance. We can even support multiple DisplayPort inputs. With the increasing emergence of high resolution and high definition video applications for medical and other imaging usage, we are pleased to be able to provide another video input option to the many we currently offer, including DVI and […]

DisplayPort connector

As Seen at SID

June 2012
From June 5–7, General Digital’s Optical Bonding Laboratories business unit exhibited at SID Display Week 2012 at the Boston Conventions and Expositions Center in Boston, MA. The SID (Society for Information Display) trade show is a great venue in which to see up close the latest display and display accessory technologies. We had several monitors on display, showcasing […]

New SlimLine Lite II Rack Sleeve Assembly

May 2012
General Digital has redesigned the 19″ rack mount sleeve unit for the SlimLine Lite II™ Series of rugged flip-up LCD monitor / keyboard / trackball, including the sunlight readable models. One unit is designed for use with the 15″ model, the other is for use with the 17″, 19″, and 20″ models (the only difference being the […]

Custom Design Now Available for the Masses!

April 2012
General Digital is now accepting orders for our newest product, equipped with four video inputs. It is a mix of our rack mount (or ceiling mount) TwoView Micro and SlimLine Micro, with one 21.5 inch display that flips down for use. This rugged unit is capable of displaying four separate video sources simultaneously. It includes a MIL-STD-3009 Class […]

Smart Card Available on Two More Monitors

March 2012
General Digital is now accepting orders for rack mount flip-up LCD monitor/keyboard units, and an integral CAC (Common Access Card) Smart Card Reader. Previously available with only our SlimLine Lite II, we are now offering the convenience of Smart Card technology in our SlimLine 1U and TwoView products. Mounted to the front of the unit, this small device simplifies […]

Integral DVD Drive and KVM Switch

January 2012
General Digital is now accepting orders for our rugged TwoView 20 with two built-in options: a DVD drive and a 4-port KVM switch. Housed in a 3U high (5.25″) rack mount enclosure, the TwoView 20 features two flip-up 20 inch LCD monitors with an integral keyboard and trackball. The large, high resolution screens (1600 x […]

DVD drive mounted in TwoView 20-inch


TwoView 20″ Now Available–with Options

November 2011
As reported this past June, the 20-inch TwoView™ models are now available. The 3U high (5.25″) rack mount, dual flip-up LCD monitors feature high resolution (1600 x 1200) screens resulting in a greater viewing area. Also of note are an integrated power supply and a host of video inputs. Though numerous options are available, one […]

KVM switch mounted to TwoView 20-inch

TwoView 20″ Soon to be Released

June 2011
Already available in display sizes from 15 to 19 inches (diagonal), a 20-inch TwoView will soon be making its way to the production floor. While continuing to offer all the features of our other TwoView models, these 3U high rack mount, dual flip-up flat panel LCD monitors will grant even higher resolution (1600 x 1200) and greater […]

TwoView Dual 20-inch Displays with Keyboard

Taking Orders for Saber Standalone 21.5″ & 24″ Touch Monitors

April 2011
General Digital is pleased to announce the release of our modified Saber Standalone 24″ Touch LCD monitor. With a slim profile, this widescreen 24-inch LCD monitor (with integrated power supply) features a 300 nit LED backlight to ensure consistent brightness acrosss the display face, while the SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) touch screen improves user interface. Also […]

Saber Standalone Solar 24-inch with touch screen

Taking Orders for Smart Multifunction Displays

March 2011
We’re now taking orders for our newly-designed 5-inch and 10-inch Smart Multifunction Displays. Ideally suited to helicopter and fixed-wing applications, these rugged units are designed to meet several military standards (704D, 810F, 461E, 462, DO-160E). They feature an sunlight readable LED backlight, EMI glass, heater glass, a rugged enclosure, and PowerPC-based drive electronics. General Digital will […]

TwoView Undergoing Significant Upgrade

January 2011
Our TwoView, an industry-wide favorite, is undergoing some major renovations. Providing twice the viewing area in the space normally reserved for one flip-up, rack mount LCD monitor, the TwoView has been a perennial head-turner. Now, at the request of our customers, we are developing a TwoView on which both screens lay on the same plane, rather […]

TwoView 2 dual displays with keyboard


5″ Multifunction Display in Design Phase

December 2010
Designed to meet several military standards (704D, 810F, 461E, 462, DO-160E), General Digital’s 5″ (diagonal) Smart Multifunction Display is well-suited to helicopter and fixed-wing applications. It will feature an sunlight readable LED backlight, EMI glass, heater glass, a rugged enclosure, and PowerPC-based drive electronics. Optionally available will be NVIS compatibility for use with night vision goggles. Data […]

Developing Saber Standalone 24″ with Touch Screen

September 2010
General Digital is in the early stages of engineering a slim profile, touch sensitive, widescreen 24″ LCD monitor with integrated power supply. The 300 nit LED backlight ensures consistent brightness acrosss the display face, while the SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) touch screen improves the user interface. The modified Saber Standalone also features standard VESA mounting capability, […]

Finger on touch screen

Developing Industry’s First IP-Addressable LCD Microcontroller

May 2010
General Digital is developing the industry’s first IP-addressable LCD microcontroller, which will forever revolutionize the way our customers manage their global distribution of LCD monitors. The Tracker 4See™ is designed specifically to provide our technicians with access to Calibration, Configuration, Control and Correction of an LCD monitor, all via a web driven interface. So long as it […]

Now Shipping SlimLine Lite II with KVM Switch

February 2010
General Digital just shipped our first SlimLine Lite II™ with an integrated KVM switch. A KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) switch is used to connect a single keyboard, monitor and mouse to multiple computers or servers. At a customer’s request, we integrated a 4-port KVM switch into our SlimLine Lite II’s optional rack adaptor and power supply assembly. […]


Registered with DDTC & ITAR

December 2009
General Digital is now registered with the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) pursuant to the Arms Export Control Act (AECA) and the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR Part 122). Our Registrant Code is available upon request.

General Digital is ITAR Registered

Saber Standalone Solar 19″ Monitor with GD-Designed LED Backlight Now Available

September 2009
General Digital is excited to announce the introduction of our newest LED-backlit sunlight readable LCD monitor, the Saber Standalone Solar/LS19™. This rugged, high performance monitor is designed for use in industrial and military applications. The LS19 is the next incarnation of General Digital display products adopting LED backlight technology (in favor of CCFL) to power its […]

Saber Standalone Solar LS19

New 2-inch Trackball Keyboard Option

June 2009
For those environments that require a large trackball, General Digital is now offering its 82-key and 121-key keyboards with a 2 inch trackball. This large trackball also features backlighting for improved visibility in low light environments. Both desktop and rack mount keyboard versions can be outfitted with the 2″ trackball. As always, these keyboards are available with backlit keys […]

82-key keyboard with trackball

Many Monitors with GD-Designed LED Backlights Now Available

April 2009
General Digital is now offering flat panel LCDs with LED backlights. For some time, we have offered flat panel LCD monitors that are backlit with LEDs. Now, for those companies that need only the display component, we can supply a “bare” LCD with LED backlighting. Suitable for many applications including digital signage, improved sunlight readability, NVIS […]

Row of LED backlights

Model Name Changes

February 2009
In addition to a revised web site, General Digital is implementing a new naming structure for its RGB and Chassis Monitor line of LCD monitors. This change was instituted in an effort to simplify our many LCD product offerings. Therefore, the RGB and Chassis Monitor lines (PanelMount, RackMount, Industrial) will be merged into the Saber Series (PanelMount, […]

Impact and Saber Monitors

GenStar III™ Now Available

January 2009
General Digital is pleased to announce that they are taking orders for the third generation of the venerable GenStar™ product line, introduced in 1998. The newest GenStar sunlight readable LCD monitor is dimensionally the same size as the GenStar II™, but features LED backlighting, which has numerous benefits compared to CCFL-type backlights: – Lower power consumption – […]


More Monitors to Incorporate GD-Designed LED Backlights

November 2008
General Digital is incorporating more of its rugged LCD monitors with LED backlit displays. LED backlights have several advantages over CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamp) backlights: they’re able to withstand harsher shock and vibration environments, they can easily operate at temperatures as low as -40° C, their low voltage allows them to run at high altitudes with […]

Row of LED backlights

Specially Designed SlimLine Monitors to Accomodate Various Peripherals

September 2008
General Digital’s popular 1U high (1.75″) SlimLine 1U™ flip-up LCD monitor/keyboard and SlimLine Micro™ flip-up LCD monitor will be available in 2U high (3.50″) versions. Built just as rugged, the new models (unnamed as of this writing) will incorporate many peripherals in the lower layer of the enclosure, such as a CD/DVD drive, smart card […]

Integral KVM switch and power supply accessories

Titan: Large Format Industrial-Grade LCD Monitor Product Line Introduced

June 2008
General Digital is now offering large format LCD displays up to 70″+ (diagonal). The Titan™ was introduced to satisfy the demand for information density. These large displays are ideal for digital signage and other environments in which large amounts of information need to be clearly conveyed. As with most General Digital monitors, the Titan Series supports a multitude of […]

Barracuda: Waterproof Environmentally-Sealed LCD Monitor Product Line Introduced

April 2008
Answering the call for a rugged, sealed LCD monitor is General Digital’s Barracuda™ Series. Sealed to IP67 and NEMA4X standards, the Barracuda enclosures protect the LCD monitors against several contaminants: water immersion (submersion) between 15cm and 1m depth, dust, falling dirt or debris, rain, sleet, snow, splashing water, hose-directed water, and external formation of ice on […]


TwoView Micro: Dual Flip-down LCD Monitors Product Line Introduced

September 2007
In response to the increasing demand for more information on a display screen, General Digital has designed and built the TwoView Micro™, a low profile (2U or 3.50″ high), flip-down, dual (2) display enclosure. Featuring ceiling, wall or rack mounting, this versatile and all-metal ruggedized unit is designed to meet MIL-STD-901D, MIL-STD-810F, MIL-STD-461E, MIL-STD-167B, and TEMPEST Level […]

SlimLine Micro: Flip-down LCD Monitor Product Line Introduced

June 2007
By removing the keyboard from our popular SlimLine 1U™, the SlimLine Micro™ has become our smallest (dimensionally) LCD monitor offering to date. Available with a display size of 15″, 17″ or 19″, this ultra low profile (1U or 1.75″) monitor features all-metal construction and continuous friction hinges, and accommodates ceiling, wall or rack mounting. All models of […]

SlimLine Commercial: Economical Flip-up LCD Monitor/Keyboard Product Line Introduced

March 2007
As on our other SlimLine products, the economical SlimLine Commercial™ features a high quality, flip-up LCD monitor combined with an integral keyboard and pointing device. The enclosure comprises an ultra-low profile of just 1U (1.75″) for the 15″, 17″ and 19″ models, and 2U (3.50″) for the 20″ model. Mounted in a 19″ rack on the included […]

NVIS Product Video Featuring 19″ Monitor with LED Backlight

February 2007
The video above depicts General Digital’s first sunlight readable and NVIS (Night Vision Imaging System) goggle-compatible monitor featuring an all-LED backlight. The video shows the SNCMP-19W (on the right) side by side with a standard luminance monitor in ambient conditions ranging from a dark room to 10,000 foot-candles. In addition to demonstrating sunlight readability, the video also establishes that […]


Sunlight Readable, NVIS, LED Backlit 19″ Panel Mount LCD Monitor Available

November 2006
General Digital is excited to announce the release of its latest creation: a sunlight readable, COTS, night vision goggle-compatible (NVIS), 19″ LCD monitor. To achieve sunlight readability in this panel mount monitor (SNCMP-19W-966), we incorporated a revolutionary technology: an all-LED backlight, which puts out 700+ nits of luminance, reduces power consumption and is ideal for appplications requiring […]

Taking Orders for TwoView Dual Monitor/Keyboard Product Line

August 2006
General Digital is now taking orders for our latest innovative new product, the TwoView™. Briefly, the TwoView is comprised of two high-resolution LCD monitors (15″, 17″ or 19″), with an enclosure that has been beefed up to handle the extra load of dual monitors. The TwoView includes several choices of military, industrial or commercial keyboards with integral trackball […]

Rack Mount Hinge Available with Zippy Inverter

June 2006
General Digital is equipping its Rack Mount Hinge™ 20″ with the high performance Zippy inverter. The numerous benefits of this piezo ceramic inverter include: no EMI; high efficiency and less heat; nonflammable; longer lamp life; high reliability; extreme working temperature range; wide range linear dimming control with no flicker; open circuit protection prevents backlight failure due to individual […]

20″ Rack Mount Hinge Now Available

March 2006
General Digital’s engineers have cleverly squeezed a 20.1″ flip-up LCD monitor into a 19″ rack. Though the 15″, 17″ and 19″ Rack Mount Hinge™ models are contained in 1U (1.75″) high enclosures, the thickness of the 20.1″ display in the RH-20U necessitated the use of a 2U (3.50″) high enclosure. The benefit of this design […]

TwoView Dual Display/Keyboard Coming Soon

February 2006
Never content to rest on our laurels here at General Digital, we are excited to announce an innovative new product, the TwoView™. Comprised of two high-resolution LCD monitors (15″, 17″ or 19″), the TwoView is built upon our proven SlimLine 1U™ base platform, which has been beefed up to handle the extra load of dual monitors. The two […]

Military-Grade Chassis Monitor RackMount COTS 20″ Now Available

January 2006
In response to increasing demand, General Digital has designed a 20″, UXGA (1600 x 1200) version of our rugged Chassis Monitor RackMount™ COTS (Commercial-Off-The-Shelf). At 9U (15.75″) high and only 4.80″ deep, this unit will drop in to most racks with a minimum of fuss. As with our 19″ Chassis Monitor RackMount COTS, the 20″ model is compliant […]


SlimLine 1U 15″ Available with GD-Designed GenFlective Display Enhancements

November 2005
General Digital™ is pleased to announce the release of our rugged SlimLine 1U™ 15″ with GenFlective™ optical enhancements. Using only passive enhancements, the bright LCD puts out 715 nits. And utilizing a mere 4 watts of additional power, the flat screen achieves a luminance of over 1000 nits by combining active and passive enhancements. Our low […]

Economical Version of GenStar Air Traffic Control Tower Monitor Now Available

October 2005
General Digital is pleased to announce an economical alternative to our venerable GenStar™ high brightness 20.1″ LCD monitor. It was designed especially for those applications that require an affordable, sunlight readable solution with a large flat screen monitor. The 20.1″ SXGA sunlight readable LCD display utilizes a combination of our GenFlective™ passive enhancements, and active enhancements in the form […]

GenStar I 20-inch air traffic control tower display

SlimLine Lite II with Built-In Smart Card Reader Just Released

August 2005
General Digital has successfully incorporated a Smart Card Reader into its SlimLine Lite II product line, another world’s first in its class. Devoloped for a variety of applications, including the military’s Common Access Card (CAC) Program, our popular LCD monitor/keyboard/trackball becomes even more versatile. Dimensionally the same as the standard SlimLine Lite II, the ActivIdentity® (formerly ActivCard®) Smart Card CAC (Common Access […]

SlimLine Lite II with Smart Card Reader

Patents for Intelligent Backlight Controller Obtained and Pending

June 2005
General Digital has obtained U.S. Patent Number 6,825,828 B2 for our Intelligent Backlight Controller™ (IBC), designed specifically for use in the GenStar™. The GenStar is General Digital’s backlit liquid crystal display (LCD) monitor comprising a backlight assembly, a cooling subassembly, a rear cover assembly and a controller. The IBC monitors bulb luminance and adjusts bulb current […]

GenStar I 20-inch air traffic control tower display

20″ LCD Monitor with UXGA Resolution Just Released

May 2005
A true 1600 x 1200 resolution 20.1″ LCD display in the form of our DH Series RGB Industrial™ standalone monitor, the DHG-20U-806. Now you can have UXGA resolution without the need for scaling the image. To complement this large, high resolution screen is our new video controller, which delivers 1600 x 1200 pixel resolution at 60 […]

GenStar Featured in Connecticut Life Magazine

April 2005
General Digital’s GenStar™, our sunlight readable 20.1″ LCD monitor designed for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Air Traffic Control applications, was featured in the April 2005 issue of Connecticut Life. The article, “Eye in the Sky at Bradley International” by Doug Malan, detailed a Day in the Life of an air traffic controller. Central to their […]

Rack Mount Hinge 20″ In Development

March 2005
General Digital™ has designed a 20.1″ model for our popular Rack Mount Hinge™ LCD Monitor. Remarkably, it is housed within a 2U (3.50″) high, 20″ deep, rack mount flip-up monitor enclosure. The LCD monitor also features multiple video inputs such as one UXGA input, two NTSC video inputs, and two S-Video inputs. Additionally, the 20.1″ Rack Mount […]

Rack Mount Hinge 20-inch Flip-up Display with Speakers

FAA-Compatible LCD Element Available for SlimLine 1U

January 2005
General Digital™ announces a new LCD element for our popular 19.0″ SlimLine 1U™ LCD Monitor/Keyboard/Trackball. Currently, the SL1-19W-702 is undergoing UL and FCC testing for use in FAA air traffic control towers and TRACONs. It is expected to get approval shortly. The current model of the SL1-19W-700 is still available for customers who don’t require a UL/ […]