General Digital has obtained U.S. Patent Number 6,825,828 B2 for our Intelligent Backlight Controller™ (IBC), designed specifically for use in the GenStar™. The GenStar is General Digital’s backlit liquid crystal display (LCD) monitor comprising a backlight assembly, a cooling subassembly, a rear cover assembly and a controller. The IBC monitors bulb luminance and adjusts bulb current accordingly. Also, faults are monitored and logged so that predictive repair before failure analysis may be performed.
A patent is pending for General Digital’s™ XO-Fraim™, which uses a heavy frame to isolate an LCD from the antireflective, antiglare or other protective overlays of an LCD. It prevents the transmission of mounting stresses into the active cells of the LCD.
A patent is pending for General Digital’s™ GenSeal™, the application of a desiccating gasket between an LCD and a protective overlay, which prevents moisture from penetrating into the space between the LCD and the non-optically bonded overlay.