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When it comes to your products and processes, the expert is you. When it comes to custom software, embedded controls, machine interface or automation, our software development experts provide you with exactly the level of support you require.

Our Process

General Digital Software Engineering Services has a long history of developing high quality software. We design, program, verify and integrate real-time software for use in automation, avionics, medical devices, safety systems, robotics and weapons systems, trading platforms, and numerous other applications. The breadth of our client base ranges from the world’s largest manufacturers of turnkey products and systems to local innovators and developers. Whether it’s embedded Linux, technical Desktop software or critical real-time applications, our dedicated software engineering staff provides the results you need.

There are several different software development models that can be employed depending on the project to be completed. Each process determines what steps of the software development life cycle to take. Every step in the life cycle ends with an end-product that will be used in the next step.

Layout design for the product is derived from requirements. This determines the codes to be written and is called the development phase. The testing phase confirms the resulting product from the development stage and checks to see if it meets all the requirements.

The basic steps that define the process of software development are:Software Development

  • Requirements Development and Analysis
  • Product Design
  • Software Coding
  • Software Testing
  • Product Deployment
  • Product Maintenance.

By combining our development and verification services, you benefit from a complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) solution.


Our software development team offers a full suite of support for every stage of implementation, including embedded firmware development and software development in many technologies.

  • C/C++, C#, Assembly
  • Ada, LabVIEW, Perl, Python
  • SGL, Ruby, Qt
  • Freescale/NXP, ARM, Renesas
  • WCF, WPF
  • Xamarin, Mono, XAML
  • MS-Windows, Embedded Linux
  • Bare Metal Environments
  • Proprietary RTOS
  • Android, IOS
  • TCP-based protocols, CAN, Bluetooth
  • Many more

In addition to custom development, our team is also experienced in reverse engineering existing products to implement changes to embedded systems.

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