Embedded Systems Engineering for ApplicationsEvery great product starts with an idea. However, a tremendous amount of planning, resources, and execution is required to make those ideas a reality.

Since 1973, our team of engineers have provided innovative solutions to the world’s toughest engineering challenges. From ruggedized electronics to embedded software applications and more, partnering with General Digital for your custom product development will set you up for long-term technical and financial success. Check out some examples of a few of our more complex projects, or learn more about our capabilities below:

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General Digital combines a diverse team of engineers with a 50,000 sq. ft., AS9100D- and ISO 9001:2015-certified manufacturing facility, giving you the resources you need to get your product off the ground. Our team works with military, avionic, medical, and other safety-critical applications that are heavily regulated and subject to immense scrutiny. By leveraging our decades of experience building products for extreme environments, you can rest knowing your product will operate without fail—every time.

Hardware Engineering

Our hardware engineering capabilities are second to none. With electrical, mechanical, optical, and quality assurance engineers all under one roof, no engineering requirement is too tough for us to tackle. Some of these capabilities include:

Mechanical Engineering
  • Robust hardware tailored to customer-specific requirements, such as brackets, bezels, and enclosures
  • Experience building products certified or built-to-meet military and industrial standards, including:
    • MIL-DTL-901 (High Shock)
    • MIL-STD-810 (Environmental)Mechanical Engineering
    • MIL-STD-461 (EMI/RFI Emissions)
    • MIL-STD-167 (Vibration)
    • MIL-STD-740 (Airborne and Structureborne Noise)
    • MIL-STD-3009, MIL-L-85762A (Sunlight Readable/NVIS)
    • UL 60950 (Electrical Safety)
    • FCC Part 15 (Commercial EMI/RFI Emissions)
    • CE Marking (European Electrical Safety, EMI/RFI Emissions)
    • IP/NEMA Sealing
  • Thermal and other digital stress analysis
  • Replacement of CRT and other legacy technologies

Electrical Engineering
  • Analog and digital schematic and printed circuit board (PCB) design
  • Custom LED backlight design
    • Enhanced brightness for sunlight readability
    • Night-Vision Goggle compatibility (NVIS)
  • Video compatibility verification for customer-specific video sources and timings
  • Logic and digital communication performance analysis
  • Systems Engineering
  • Power Management and Custom Power Source Design

General Digital’s IPC-certified PCB technicians also have the in-house production equipment and capability to build and test circuit boards directly in our East Hartford facility.

Optical Engineering

With decades of experience providing ruggedized display systems for military and other harsh environments, our in-house Optical Bonding Laboratories specialize in display enhancements and modifications to best match the image quality to the demands of the end user.Optical Bonding Laboratories Products/Services

  • Selection and integration of the following optical/display enhancements:
    • Surface laminations of optical, first-surface, films (antireflective, antiglare, AR & AG, privacy, ITO, etc.) leveraging automation to streamline efficiency
    • Vandal shields (Gorilla Glass®, shatterproof glass, optically bonded vandal shields, plastics)
    • EMI/RFI (ITO, mesh, etc.) filters
    • Optical and membrane heaters
    • LED backlights (sunlight/daylight readable)
    • NVIS filters
    • ¼-wave retarders and circular polarizers
  • Class 100 laminar flow bench available for display disassembly, integration and reassembly

Software Engineering

It takes a lot more than hardware to build a product from the ground up. Software is embedded in many military, medical, avionic, and other safety-critical products, and in these demandingsoftware validation environments, having the right code can be a matter of life and death.

Luckily, our experienced team of software developers and testers have the processes, tools, and expertise to ensure your application will run without a hitch. A pioneer in the area of software safety, our team has successfully developed, verified, and validated software for countless medical devices and avionic systems that required FDA/FAA approval.

Some common technologies we work with include:

  • C/C++, C#, Assembly
  • Ada, LabVIEW, Perl, Python
  • SGL, Ruby, Qt
  • Freescale/NXP, ARM, Renesas
  • WCF, WPF
  • Xamarin, Mono, XAML
  • MS-Windows, Embedded Linux
  • Bare Metal Environments
  • Proprietary RTOS
  • Android, IOS
  • TCP-based protocols, CAN, Bluetooth
  • Many more

By combining our software development and testing services, you benefit from a full Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) solution in full compliance with safety standards such as DO-178C and ISO 62304.

50,000 Square Foot Facility

As much planning and expertise is needed to design a product correctly, it takes even more to build it. Luckily, General Digital is more than just an engineering company—we have a fully staffed state-of-the-art 50,000 sqft manufacturing facility as well.

Some highlights of the facility include:

  • Capital Equipment for Confidence Testing
    • Altitude & Pressure testing in our vacuum chamber for MIL-STD-810 and DO-160 compliance
    • Vibration Testing with our electro-dynamic shaker for MIL-STD-810 compliance
    • ESS (Temperature and Humidity) testing with our Thermotron Oven
    • IP/NEMA Ratings (Sealed) with our Dunk Tank & Hose
    • Electromagnetic Interference Testing in our Shielded EMI Lab
    • Photometric Testing in our in-house optics lab
  • IPC-Certified PCB Technicians, Assemblers, and Inspectors
  • Optimized Production Flow for Maximum Throughput
  • Reconfiguration Available for Large Production Runs

Products manufactured by General Digital combine a world-class team and facility under one roof in East Hartford, CT, maintaining compliance with all Buy American trade regulations and restrictions. Our diverse supply chain coupled with our AS9100D/ISO 9001:2015 certification ensure that your product will be built to spec, on time and on budget, every time.

Workstation Control Keyboard for Military/Avionic Applications

Workstation Control Keyboard For Military/Avionic ApplicationsPart Numbers
90-750-075, 90-750-090, 90-750-104,
90-750-111, 90-750-129, 90-750-147

6.5" Weatherproof, IP67 Sealed, NVIS, Sunlight Readable, Military LCD Monitor

Part Number 90-3064-020
Barracuda 6.5-inch custom waterproof sunlight readable NVIS LCD monitor General Digital designed a custom version of our Barracuda environmentally-sealed monitor to meet customer-supplied specifications for fit, form and function. The display system is used as a fire control system (digital sight) for a portable rocket grenade launcher in combat situations. Design of this complex solution required General Digital’s mechanical, electrical, optical and software engineering expertise and integration skill sets. Watch the video of the L40-2 Grenade Launcher in action on the Department of Defence Australia YouTube channel.

    • Alternative LCDs
    • Standard, high brightness and/or NVIS LED backlights
    • VGA and display port support
    • Overlays (heaters, filters, touch sensors, vandal shields, etc.)
    • Keypads (backlit, NVIS compatible, custom, etc.)
    • Military/industrial-grade connectors
    • Custom enclosures and electronics
    • Custom or specialty firmware
    • Ruggedized 6.5″ LCD, 1024 x 768 resolution
    • Proprietary dual mode NVIS and sunlight readable backlights
    • Optically bonded EMI filter and LCD heater
    • Configurable video, heater, backlight and keypad controllers
    • Field programmable controller firmware
    • Wide DC input with intelligent self power monitoring
    • Fully submersible (IP67) milled aluminum enclosure
    • Designed to meet MIL-STD-810, MIL-DTL-901 and MIL-STD-461
    • “All-in-One” PCB with integrated controllers for LED backlights, heater, keypad, video and power monitoring and management
    • Multiple heater modes (programmable) based on power availability and temperature
    • Backlight Override mode allows operators to temporarily increase maximum programmable brightness from 900 nits to 1500 nits
    • Programming port for boot loading and/or upgrade any controller firmware in the field
    • I2C buss slave interface


    • Wide temperature, 24-bit color LCD panel
    • 197 PPI and 16.7 million colors provide excellent image sharpness and detail
    • DVI input with scaling support up to 1920 x 1080 @ 60 Hz
    • Industrial-grade LCD with long product life-cycle and LTB support
    • Optically bonded overlay to enhance display contrast, shock resistance, and eliminate potential for condensation between surfaces
    • Micromesh EMI filter blocks incoming and outgoing RF radiation to comply with MIL-STD-461 (Army Ground), while allowing more light output as compared to ITO overlays
    • ITO heater overlay extends low temperature operational limits and enables full video motion to be displayed at temperatures as low as –40° C


    • Proprietary dual mode backlight system produces:
      • High contrast (Weber Class 5) and brightness mode; ideal for display of moving images in direct sunlight
      • MIL-STD-3009-compliant NVIS mode
    • Ultra-wide dimming ratio (>1000:1) works well with extreme ends of ambient light conditions
    • Linear, logarithmic or custom PWM dimming
    • Excellent uniformity and display quality
    • Integrated thermal sensor
    • Intelligent and programmable backlight controller
      • Max/Min brightness limits for both backlight modes
      • Max/Min PWM dimming levels
      • Max backlight power consumption
      • LED rail over-temperature auto dimming


    • Mil-spec power supply features wide operating voltage designed for military DC bus or direct battery operation
    • Smart power monitoring allows heater and backlights to run simultaneously without exceeding customer-specified power constraints
    • +9 Vdc to +20 Vdc input with 80 V surge suppression and overcurrent protection


    • Milled aluminum enclosure is designed to withstand harsh environments while remaining compact and lightweight
    • Designed for full submersion to meet IP67 requirements (no ingress at one meter for 30 minutes)
    • Semi-permeable membrane vent allows pressure equalization
    • Chemical resistant mil-spec CARC paint over black anodized aluminum resists reflection if paint is compromised
    • Watertight, EMI-shielded silicone keypad resists bleach wash
    • High-speed Glenair “Mighty Mouse” military-grade connector minimizes cable bulk
    • 5.75″ (H) x 7.35″ (W) x 2.91″ maximum (D)
    • Weighs less than 3 pounds
    • Military (NAVY, ARMY)
    • Marine
    • Oil & Gas
    • Government

Alta™ Series SUDS™ Mobile 10.4

Part Number 90-7104-006
Alta™ Series SUDS™ Mobile 10.4Although equipped with embedded intelligence, the Alta™ SUDS (Secure Upload/Download System) Mobile 10.4" unit is designed and programmed to function as a state machine, thereby allowing the device to be used only for loading and retrieving data from the target (e.g., the ECU of a commercial aircraft engine). This dedicated functionality has the secondary benefit of discouraging operators from using for personal activities. As with all General Digital products, the Alta™ series is customizable to your exact requirements, with a variety of options for computing power, display size, and more.


    Alta™ Series SUDS™ Mobile 10.4

    • 10.4″ LED-backlit LCD
      • 1024 x 768 (XGA) resolution
      • 1000 Nits of sunlight readable brightness
    • iMX6 dual core processor with 4 GB storage
    • 4 GB removable storage (encrypted USB flash drive)
    • Dual rotary encoders (pointing device)
    • CAN BUS interface
    • D38999 military circular I/O connectors
    • Integrated rechargeable battery, for remote operation
    • Operating Temperature: -20° C to 70° C
    • Configured as a state machine
    • Pelican Case with bezel adaptor and metal construction designed to withstand industrial/military requirements

15.0" & 17.0" Waterproof, Marine-Grade, Sunlight Readable, NVIS Compatible, MIL-DTL-901, Panel Mount LCD Monitor

Part Numbers 90-959-008, 90-967-004
Barracuda PanelMount 17-inch Waterproof Military-grade MonitorThe Barracuda PanelMount Solar/NVIS 901E 15.0/17.0 represent the pinnacle of value-add engineering and performance found in a military-grade monitor. The rugged aluminum enclosure, connectors and keypad are fully sealed (IP67 compliant) to facilitate use in hostile environments.

    • 15.0″ & 17.0″ diagonal LCDs
    • Environmentally sealed to meet IP67 and NEMA 4 requirements
    • Dual mode sunlight readable/NVIS LED backlight
    • Rugged MIL-DTL-901E enclosure
    • Video inputs:
      • VGA
      • DVI-D
      • Composite/NTSC (BNC)
    • Advanced video controller functions
    • Fully-sealed recessed connectors
    • Antireflective protective glass overlay for LCD
    • EMI micro-mesh filter for MIL-STD-461 compliance
    • MIL-STD-704 compliant power supply
    • Long life cycle product
    • Optically bonded touch sensor
    • Circular polarizer
    • Various video controllers and connectors
    • Numerous display overlays (e.g., heaters, filters, touch screen technologies)
    • Several interface keypads
    • Custom enclosures
    • Custom mechanical and electrical design and mods
    • Shipboard
    • Ground vehicle
    • Mobile
    • Industrial

Saber PanelMount 21.3 CALFOD LCD Monitor for Military/Avionic Applications

Part Numbers 90-2213-003, 90-2213-006, 90-2213-008, 90-2213-010
Saber PanelMount 21-inch Display for Military Avionic ApplicationsThe military-spec Saber PanelMount 21.3 CALFOD is built to be in compliance with U.S. Navy requirements for use in military aircraft. As an advanced Carrier Launch Flight Operator Display (CALFOD), it is equipped with multiple optional specialized features, such as an optically-bonded LCD with EMI mesh and heater, panel mount adaptor, military-grade connectors, On/Off toggle switch with finger guard, and more. The qualified unit includes a built-in 3-phase power supply, strut and certified fasteners. This purpose-built and cost-effective rugged enclosure is ready for duty.

    • High resolution (2560 x 2048) 21.3″ LCD
    • Micromesh EMI shield to minimize electrical interference
    • LCD heater to prevent video from “freezing”
    • Optically-bonded and antireflective overlay
    • Toggle power switch with finger guard
    • +24 Vdc power supply
    • Designed to be in compliance with MIL-DTL-901E, MIL-STD-810F, MIL-STD-461E/F, MIL-STD-167B, more
    • Ruggedized aluminum standalone enclosure with panel mount adaptor and Arconic™ captive hardware
    • Gray Iridite® finish per FED-STD-595A
    • Mil-spec connectors