We engineer what’s next.

General Diogital team

We design, develop, integrate, test and deliver the world’s most reliable displays, technology products, and software services.

We bring over 50 years of experience in display manufacturing, product development, and software engineering, and match that with today’s latest technology—and a relentless focus on engineering what’s next.

Our Story

General Digital was born in the living room of Dr. Leonard Lazar, a software engineer who taught at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with co-founder Dr. Russell Reiss, an electrical engineer. As word got around at the university, the duo’s exceptional engineering prowess was soon in high demand.

It wasn’t long before Len and Russ were providing custom electronic production runs and software engineering services from a small facility in East Hartford, Connecticut. As both sides of the business grew and evolved, General Digital was soon serving all manner of U.S. industries and armed forces, and then expanded globally. From our development of the VuePoint, one of the world’s first industrialized touch terminals, to our innovative work in avionic software testing, and much more, General Digital has been at the forefront of technological innovation for over 50 years.

From its inception in 1973, General Digital has evolved into a true one-stop shop for any engineering requirement. We offer an incomparable spectrum of expertise and services all under one roof, from engineering and design to testing, manufacturing, and quality control.

General Digital has evolved into an engineering leader in displays, software, and embedded systems.


Every mission, on full display
Programmed for proven performance
Customized to meet any demand
From our inception, we’ve designed ruggedized, specialized, and customized products built to last for years, while offering the flexibility necessary to keep pace in today’s rapidly changing marketplace. It all started in 1977 with the VuePoint™, the world’s first gas plasma, flat-panel, serial terminal with an integral touch screen.

Faced with a lack of suppliers capable of offering optical bonding services—a process of marrying a reinforced glass covering to the surface of an LCD module to improve contrast and ruggedization—for flat screen displays, we set about developing in-house bonding capabilities. In the process, we created the General Digital Optical Bonding Laboratories, chartered with providing high-quality LCD, OLED, and plasma display enhancement services to OEMs, Systems Integrators, and the Armed Forces.
With a portfolio spanning many industries and thousands of projects, our team has developed electronics and software for mission-critical and safety-critical control and processing applications. Our expert hardware and software designers work with clients to craft creative and compliant technology solutions for applications in Medical, Avionics, Transportation, Industrial Control, and other regulated industries.

We design with the end goal in mind, emphasizing requirements-based design while managing technical risks—and compliance is built into the system. We leverage defensive design practices early on, which makes validation testing a “proof of compliance” rather than a “discovery of deficiencies.”

General Digital Software Engineering Services is dedicated to finding the optimum solution for each and every customer’s unique design, implementation, independent testing, and documentation needs, getting their product to market safely, efficiently, and on budget.

Our highly collaborative and highly configurable embedded systems can meet any requirements.

Our team of Embedded Systems Engineers—a diverse group of focused, experienced electrical, software development, and IV&V test engineers—is flexible enough to tackle almost any engineering project, from product conceptualization to production delivery, and anywhere in between.

As technology continues to advance, demand has increased for products requiring customization in hardware as well as embedded firmware. Offerings in this exciting new area include software development, electrical engineering, and independent verification and validation (IV&V) services.

A True One-Stop Shop

By combining the robust mechanical, optical, and production engineering expertise of our Display Systems group with the flexible solutions of our Embedded Systems Engineering team, General Digital has become a true one-stop shop for any engineering requirement.
We remain a proud entrepreneurial company with deeply rooted traditions of quality and service, providing the kind of old-fashioned service that is rarely found in contemporary, high-tech firms. Being independently owned and operated, you deal with on-the-job, concerned individuals, including a professional sales staff and well-trained fabricators. We’re large enough to handle most custom fabrication needs but small enough to give each of our customers the quality service and respect they deserve.

Corporate Citizenship

Our leadership team is invested in giving back to the East Hartford, Connecticut community we call home. General Digital is a proud member of the Association of the U.S. Army, the Navy League, the Connecticut River Valley Chamber of Commerce, and the Connecticut Business and Industry Association.

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