photo of Saber RackMount 19.0From the outset, the Saber Series was designed for maximum configuration flexibility, in order to meet our customers’ specific requirements. The primary markets that the Saber serves are military, industrial and special purpose commercial applications.

Being the workhorse of the LCD monitor world, the Saber is built to serve for years—decades, really.

Standard Rugged Display Solutions from General Digital

Housed in rugged military-grade enclosures, Saber Series LCD monitors are built to endure harsh conditions, whether on the battlefield or the factory floor. Enclosure choices include Standalone/VESA Mount, RackMount, and PanelMount.

Being the workhorse of the flat screen monitor world, they are in compliance with many military standards. The Saber’s configuration flexibility has kept in constant production for well over three decades. Options are varied and numerous to accommodate a great many applications. Remember, too, that customer support extends beyond 24 months.

The wide viewing angles and fast response times serve only to enhance the brilliant, colorful images. A protective glass overlay, with double-sided antiglare etch coatings, guards your LCD investment and diffuses surface glare.

The low power units operate from a variety of AC or DC regulated sources. Customers can provide their own power supply, request a custom supply, or choose one of our specially-designed AC switching supplies, many featuring power factor correction.

Mountable LCD Monitors

High tech mountable monitors have become ubiquitous in a variety of industries, yet continue to revolutionize display applications across commercial, industrial, and military sectors. However, with most commercially-produced display technology, job environment is not considered by the manufacturer. This oversight has lead to many standalone and mountable monitors on the market lacking the specs necessary to get the job done right with reliability and longevity.

For those industries that need quality LCD monitors built to handle the rugged requirements of many workplaces, General Digital provides the most effective solution: Saber, Barracuda, Titan, GenStar. Within these families of tough but advanced displays, nearly every one of your particular requirements will be met.

Select a standalone/mountable LCD monitor below that will best suit your needs, whether military or industrial. Mousing over the product name provides a brief description, and the link will take you to a page with detailed information.

Barracuda Standalone™

Military-grade waterproof LCD monitors IP67-sealed for harsh environments and marine applications

Titan Standalone™

Military-grade large format LCD monitors

GenStar™ Series

Industrial-grade sunlight readable LCD monitors for air traffic control towers and navigation applications

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