Every display needs a source. For example, in an office setting, some people may have fixed monitors attached to an external computer, while others may have a laptop with a screen and processing power combined in one portable package. Ultimately, what equipment you decide to use depends on what is the best fit for your application.


Military and other demanding environments are no different. For some applications, processing power is critical—requiring a large external computer that would run video to external display sources. However, introducing external connectors also introduces vulnerability to the system, which can be unacceptable in certain tactical environments. Applications such as these require an embedded computer within the system, allowing for a singular ruggedized solution. Often times a tradeoff occurs, where a system may be installed with just enough processing power to be able to receive data and video from an external source.

Whether you need a display with or without an internal computer, General Digital has a variety of solutions at your disposal. Our team has been building smart displays and computers since our inception in 1973, providing no shortage of options and ideas to meet your specifications. Browse some of our more popular configurations below, or contact a Sales Engineer to discuss your project today.

Alta™ Series Transportable Smart Displays

Born from a custom requirement for our Army Aviation partners, General Digital’s newest product family, the Alta™ Series, integrates robust computing power with our traditional rugged displays into an all-in-one portable workstation. One of the first products in this series is the SUDS (Secure Upload/Download System) Mobile 10.4″.

Although equipped with embedded intelligence, the Alta™ SUDS (Secure Upload/Download System) Mobile 10.4″ unit is designed and programmed to function as a state machine, thereby allowing the device to be used only for loading and retrieving data from the target (e.g., the ECU of a commercial aircraft engine). This dedicated functionality has the secondary benefit of discouraging operators from using for personal activities. As with all General Digital products, the Alta™ series is customizable to your exact requirements, with a variety of options for computing power, display size, and more.

  • Features

    Alta™ Series SUDS™ Mobile 10.4

    Alta™ Series SUDS™ Mobile 10.4

    • 10.4″ LED-backlit LCD
      • 1024 x 768 (XGA) resolution
      • 1000 Nits of sunlight readable brightness
    • iMX6 dual core processor with 4 GB storage
    • 4 GB removable storage (encrypted USB flash drive)
    • Dual rotary encoders (pointing device)
    • CAN BUS interface
    • D38999 military circular I/O connectors
    • Integrated rechargeable battery, for remote operation
    • Operating Temperature: -20° C to 70° C
    • Configured as a state machine
    • Pelican Case with bezel adaptor and metal construction designed to withstand industrial/military requirements
  • Downloads

VuePoint™ Series Serial Terminal Emulator

VuePointOne of our first customers was a local potato chip manufacturer that was struggling with their industrial touch display terminal facing constant reliability issues. When they sent us a unit for inspection, the culprit was clear—the humid, salty environment of the potato chip factory was corroding the internal electronics, rendering the device inoperable.

Our engineers went to work designing a solution, and in 1977, the VuePoint™ was born. One of the world’s first ruggedized touch terminals, the original VuePoint was fully sealed, ensuring that the internal guts of the system would continue to perform no matter what harsh environment it was subjected to.

Catching the eye of our Armed Forces, the VuePoint was quickly adapted for military applications, with many systems being deployed in naval ships and submarines across the globe.

The modernized VuePoint III is an ideal fit for military and industrial applications that require a system built for their unique environments. And with General Digital’s dedication to configuration management and revision control, all VuePoint III systems (along with the VuePoint IV to be released 2024) are drop-in replacements for legacy systems, leveraging our Dedicated Applications Platform™ to eliminate the need to redesign older applications when undergoing hardware modernization projects.

  • Overview

    Key Features

    • Bright and clear 10.4″ LCD screen
    • Emulates VuePoint II functionality
    • Identical enclosure to VuePoint II
    • Resistive touch screen
    • 640 x 480 resolution emulates VuePoint II 20 x 12 grid
    • Enclosure constructed from rugged, lightweight aluminum
    VuePoint III In Depth

    AM-TFT LCD Screen

    The VuePoint III integrates a color 10.4″ (diagonal) LCD display, which replaces the gas plasma display of previous generation VuePoint models.

    The 640 x 480 pixel LED-backlit LCD screen is configured to emulate the VuePoint II 12 x 40 screen. The end user has control of setting up the text and background color of the screen.

    We qualify multiple sources of supply to ensure product availability and long life.

    Resistive Touch Screen

    Resistive Touch Screen

    The VuePoint III responds instantly to the touch of the finger or other stylus. Simple, menu-prompted, touch-interactive operation makes even the untrained operator instantly productive, and further enhances the trained operator’s capabilities.

    For applications where time or timing are critical, touch entry improves a user’s response rate by reducing reaction time. No complicated keyboard, mouse or pointing device operations are required with VuePoint III. As a serial terminal, the touch screen can be configured for RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 communication.

    The touch screen also serves as a protective glass overlay. In lieu of the sealing tray used on VuePoint II, the touch screen is installed in the enclosure using a dust and water resistant gasket to protect the internal electronics.

    Metal, Unitized Construction

    The VuePoint III incorporates a rugged aluminum enclosure and is designed to withstand the rigors of commercial, industrial, and military (COTS) environments alike. The enclosure has an Iridite® coating (conductive anodized) to provide protection from corrosion and improve shielding properties where parts make contact with one another, and is finished with a durable black powder coat.

    Our products are intentionally designed to support LCD displays (and other electronics) from numerous manufacturers. This capability enables us to minimize the impact of a single suppliers decision to obsolete, allocate or redesign their display, upon our ability to maintain configuration control or extend the manufacture life of our products.

    Mounting Options

    The VuePoint III is normally delivered as a standalone unit, and is optionally available in panel mount and rack mount configurations.

    Integrated Power Supply

    Integrated Power Supply

    The VuePoint III comes standard with a power supply mounted to the rear of the enclosure, which uses less than 25 watts.

    To maintain a minimum depth in your application, VuePoint III can be ordered with a separate power supply.

    Configuration Control for Extended Life Cycle
    General Digital's configuration control ensures an extended life cycle for your LCD monitor

    We at General Digital are completely responsible for the design and construction of our products, allowing us to maintain nearly total control of their future. To that end, we gladly offer our engineering services to customers who require special customization of our devices to meet their commercial, industrial, marine or military requirements.

    Our experience supporting Department of Defense programs has taught us the value of designing products with foresight so that they can be manufactured, serviced and upgraded for many years.

    Though the market introduces new innovations and product upgrades at an alarming rate, our product management team knows the importance of proactive customer notification. Thus, we can offer product adaptation with similar or equivalent performance before designs become obsolete, thereby extending the product life cycle.

    Please consult a Sales Engineer for additional details.

    Private Labeling

    General Digital encourages relationships with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and other organizations, and is willing to maintain your company identity (private label) on our products. Please speak with a Sales Engineer for additional information.

  • Specifications

    Specifications subject to change without notice or obligation.

    H/V View
    (R/F ms)
    10.4" 640 x 480 LED70 300:1 ±70°/+40°,-70° 20/40 0°–60°
    Video Controller
    640 x 480 VGA (x1) Emulates 480-character 12 x 40 grid of VuePoint II
    Enclosure Type
    Dimensions (H x W x D) Description
    8.625" x 12.00" x 4.00" Identical dimensions, weight and aluminum construction of VuePoint II
    Resistive touch screen, 4096 x 4096 resolution emulating 12 x 20 grid of VuePoint II, serial controller, >35,000,000 touches per point
    Power Supply
    Input Voltage
    Embedded90–264 Vac +12 Vdc 50 Watts
    Separate 90–264 Vac +12 Vdc 50 Watts
  • Downloads

    General Digital designs and manufactures scores of different monitor configurations each year, making the creation of technical documentation for each configuration impractical. We efficiently combine data into a select few documents, which answer most questions that customers typically ask. Please feel welcome to request any information not found here.

    Utilities are available to all visitors, and can be used for a variety of LCD monitor applications.

    User’s Manuals and Calibration & Setup Guides are available for customers only. 

    Product Drivers are available for customers only.

    If you have lost the passwords provided with your product, please contact us right away.

    Data Sheet

    VuePoint III 10.4″ Data Sheet



    VuePoint III 10.4″ Rugged Touch Terminal Flyer
    VuePoint III 10.4″ Specialized for Submarine Applications Flyer


    Control Drawing

    VuePoint III 10.4″ Control Drawing

    Specifications subject to change without notice or obligation.

  • Gallery

    The photos below represent a small sampling of General Digital’s VuePoint III LCD terminal products. They serve to illustrate the many display sizes and mechanical configurations we offer, as well as standard and custom design features, capabilities and options. Click the thumbnails to view full-size photos.

    VuePoint III

    VuePoint III 10.4" - Industrial-grade LCD terminal with touch screen to emulate our legacy VuePoint II product – front view
    VuePoint III 10.4" - Rear view showing attached power supply and communication cable connector