Photo of SlimLine Commercial 17.3

For decades, General Digital’s SlimLine display-keyboard family has been the gold standard for rack mount HMI equipment, being deployed in countless defense and other critical environments. Leveraging this rich history of design expertise, the SlimLine Commercial (SLC) integrates quality, non-ruggedized components into a system perfectly tailored for server rooms, simulation, training, and lab environments, as well as other low-shock applications.

The SLC combines features you’ve come to expect from General Digital (i.e., durable lightweight aluminum enclosures, ergonomic keyboard/pointing device design, quality components, configuration management) with a more cost-effective design, ensuring a reliable system that will keep your budget in the black. Manufactured at our USA-based facility, the SLC is compliant with all TAA and FAR Buy American regulations.

  • Overview

    Key Features

    • 17.3″ daylight readable display
      • 1920×1080 resolution
      • RoHS compliant
    • VGA, HDMI, DisplayPort video inputs
    • Environmentally sealed keyboard
      • 104 black silicone keys
      • Separate 12-key numeric/function keypad
      • Large touch pad with 2 mouse buttons
    • 24″ solid-bearing slides for easy rack mounting
    Durable Monitors for an Active Workforce

    AM-TFT LCD Screens

    General Digital integrates the latest advances in LCD display technology including 15″–20″ panels. All of our active matrix TFT LCD screens offer up to 16.7 million colors, wide viewing angles and fast response times (suitable for live video).

    High Performance Video Controller

    All standard SlimLine Commercial rack mount LCD monitors support non-interlaced analog video (separate sync).

    Features include Auto Setup, Horizontal/Vertical Positioning, Phase and Fine Tune Adjustments, Color Control, Multiple Languages, and Image Expansion (features vary by model).

    Low Profile Construction

    photo of SlimLine Commercial 17.3 in stowed position

    The 1U and 2U high (1.75″ and 3.50″) rack mount enclosures are constructed from a combination of steel and aluminum (the 17.3″ model is all aluminum), providing a cost-effective, lightweight housing that can be used in most commercial and light-industrial applications.

    Use of continuous-friction hinges permits the display to be user adjusted over a usable range of more than 90°. A pair of adjustable chassis slides facilitate rack mounting and ease of operation.

    Interface connectors for the keyboard, pointing device and input power are located on the rear of the device.

    Integral Keyboard and Pointing Device
    photo of SlimLine Commercial 17.3 keyboard

    General Digital offers several commercial-grade keyboards and two types of pointing devices (touch pad and trackball) for integration into SlimLine Commercial models.

    A multitude of keyboard protocols are available:

    • PC (AT, XT, PS/2, USB)
    • Sun® (Type 5 [8-pin mini-DIN], Type 6 [USB])
    Options & Accessories

    A limited number of options and accessories are offered in support of the SlimLine Commercial including: cable management systems, freestanding and rack mounted power supplies, keyboards/pointing devices, rack slides, video/serial/power cables and more. Please speak with a Sales Engineer or visit our Options and Accessories page for further details.

    Private Labeling

    General Digital encourages relationships with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and other organizations, and is willing to maintain your company identity (private label) on our products. Please speak with a Sales Engineer for additional information.

  • Design Your Display

    Below you will find a breakdown of the SlimLine Commercial model number, which references the key elements of your monitor.

    FamilySize/ ResolutionDisplayVideo ControllerKeyboardEnclosureOverlayPower SupplyCustom

    The Family category defines the base configuration, where…
    SLC = SlimLine Commercial

    Use the form below to request a display tailored to your requirements. A Sales Engineer will contact you shortly to discuss your project.

  • Downloads

    General Digital designs and manufactures scores of different monitor configurations each year, making the creation of technical documentation for each configuration impractical. We efficiently combine data into a select few documents, which answer most questions that customers typically ask. Please feel welcome to request any information not found here.

    Utilities are available to all visitors, and can be used for a variety of LCD monitor applications.

    User Manuals and Calibration & Setup Guides are available for customers only. 

    Product Drivers are available for customers only.

    If you have lost the passwords provided with your product, please contact us right away.


    SlimLine Commercial 17.3″ Display Flyer



    SlimLine Commercial 17.3″ Drawing

    Specifications subject to change without notice or obligation.

  • Gallery

    The photos below represent a small sampling of General Digital’s SlimLine Commercial LCD/keyboard products. They serve to illustrate the many display sizes and mechanical configurations we offer, as well as standard and custom design features, capabilities and options. Click the thumbnails to view full-size photos.

    SlimLine Commercial 17.3

    photo of SlimLine Commercial 17.3 rack mount flip-up display/keyboard
    photo SlimLine Commercial 17.3 in stowed position
    photo of SlimLine Commercial 17.3 keyboard close-up
  • Videos

    Watch the videos below to learn more about display services General Digital offers for most monitors, whether built by us or another manufacturer.

    Optical Characterization Services (2:16)

    Unlike your phone, a display’s position cannot easily be adjusted to increase readability in direct sunlight. General Digital’s Optical Characterization Services take the guesswork out of quantifying how your display will perform under sunlight conditions. The following video explains the process in detail.

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