Genral Digital

The video above depicts General Digital’s first sunlight readable and NVIS (Night Vision Imaging System) goggle-compatible monitor featuring an all-LED backlight. The video shows the SNCMP-19W (on the right) side by side with a standard luminance monitor in ambient conditions ranging from a dark room to 10,000 foot-candles. In addition to demonstrating sunlight readability, the video also establishes that the monitor is NVIS goggle compatible when viewed through a Class B night vision monocle. Though the video is a bit unrefined at this time, it clearly demonstrates that we have a display which is invisible to the NVIS goggles, while still being usable by personnel who need access to the information.
The 19″ panel mount monitor, with a luminance of 700+ nits, was recently tested by a prime contractor and found to meet MIL-STD-901D and several other military requirements, and continued to operate after sustaining blows up to 142 g! The night vision goggle compatibility meets MIL-STD-3009.