With the tariffs on steel and aluminum imports enacted by President Trump, many are expecting prices on all sorts of U.S.-produced goods to skyrocket. For any U.S. industry using these metals, the impact is going to be real.

However, General Digital anticipates a less substantial increase than the 25% for steel and 10% for aluminum. We feel this way primarily for the following reasons.

First, although our monitors and certain peripherals are built from mostly aluminum (and a lesser amount of steel and stainless steel) in order to withstand harsh industrial and military environments, they also contain many other materials, which have no tariffs levied against them.

Secondly, cost increases should be buffered somewhat as they will be spread across the nation, rather than placed on a sole manufacturer.

As always, General Digital is committed to giving each customer a superior product at a fair price. Time will tell the true effect of the tariffs, but rest assured we will make every effort to minimize any cost increase.

Please feel welcome to speak with a Sales Engineer should you have any concerns.

Two New Display Head Assemblys Released


We’re having our own kind of March Madness here with the release of an 8.4″ and 12.1″ Display Head Assembly (DHA). These small and mid-sized displays both feature 1024 x 768 XGA resolutions and 700:1 contrast ratios. The 12.1″ produces 1,650 nits of luminance while the 8.4″ pumps out 1,850 nits!

Clearly, both are well equipped for use in high brightness enviroments. Additionally, they are fully compatible with Night Vision Goggles (NVGs), making them ideal for military purposes. Wide viewing angles are standard issue, as well.

As equipped, both DHAs are ready for installation in your console, Humvee, aircraft or nearly any other panel or enclosure. However, General Digital offers a whole host of value-add options and accessories to configure the DHA to your requirements. Select from touch screens, antiglare filters, optical bonding, heaters, EMI filters, privacy films, and much more. Speak with a Sales Engineer for a no-hassle consultation about your application.

Markets include, military, industrial, transportation, medical, simulation, commercial…really just about anywhere!

Download the PDF data sheets to learn more:
8.4″ Display Head Assembly
12.1″ Display Head Assembly

View our Product Line-up Sheet of enhanced displays, from 6.5″ to 24.0″.

Or visit the DHA page on our Web site.