General Digital’s engineers have cleverly squeezed a 20.1″ flip-up LCD monitor into a 19″ rack.
Though the 15″, 17″ and 19″ Rack Mount Hinge™ models are contained in 1U (1.75″) high enclosures, the thickness of the 20.1″ display in the RH-20U necessitated the use of a 2U (3.50″) high enclosure. The benefit of this design is that it allows a 100 watt power supply to be mounted inside the enclosure, rather than separately on the rack frame behind the unit. This simplifies installation and utilizes a minimum amount of space. Speaking of space, the RH-20U rests on slides that are only 20″ deep, yet extend out another 18″.
A unique feature of this model is the availability of optional speakers. Reproducing a wide frequency range, the 1.5 watt speakers can greatly enhance user interaction and feedback.
Read more and download the data sheet on the RH-20U Rack Mount Hinge page, or contact a Sales Engineer for more information, pricing and availability.

Taking Orders for Second Generation GenStar II Air Traffic Control Tower Monitor


The second generation GenStar II™ replaces the original GenStar™, a robust 20.1″ sunlight readable LCD monitor designed for air traffic control use and the STARS (Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System) Program. FCC Class A and UL60950-1 certified, the GenStar II features a multitude of improvements including a faster response time, reduced ghosting, ambient light sensing (optional) and much more.
Optical performance is second to none, thanks to General Digital’s patented technologies, including the SmartBright™ backlight system, CoolBright™ cooling system, SmartLam™ optical management.
The General Digital-designed Intelligent Backlight Controller monitors and records key system performance data through the use of our “Intelligent Replace Before Fail” ICARUS™ and DAEDALUS™ software utilities. This lets maintenance crews track performance data, allowing them to predict potential failures, identify current failures, and evaluate the root cause of each failure, as well as facilitating service before a critical failure.
With a high contrast ratio and bulb brightness capability of >1200 nits (gated at 1000 nits for optimum brightness/life expectancy), and a wide 170° viewing cone, the GenStar II is well-equipped to handle a multitude of high ambient lighting situations.
Read more and download the data sheet on the Sunlight Readable RGB Industrial™ page, or contact a Sales Engineer for more information, pricing and availability.