Completing custom orders and taking on unique jobs is a typical day at General Digital.

Recently, unsure if it was even possible, the U.S. Army inquired if we could build our waterproof Barracuda monitor in a slim enclosure. Naturally, we surpassed expectations with this one-of-a-kind display. A much leaner version of our current Barracuda line, this military-grade marine display measures in just 1.7″ deep (the original Barracuda is 3.0″ in depth).

“How did they do it?” you may be wondering. Without giving away our secret recipe, a custom-fitted controller board is one key ingredient. It’s also loaded with our own custom-designed LED rail, backlight controller, and OSD controller. Let’s not forget that it’s sunlight readable, which is handy in bright environments.


At the heart of this slim Barracuda is a 15.6″ display that features a wide format high resolution (1920 x 1080), surpassing the resolution of the typical 15″ display (1024 x 768). Built to meet many military standards, on the back of the enclosure are the gore vent and sealed military 38999 DC input power connector.

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