Ever the innovators, General Digital continues to enhance the design of the TwoView, our flagship military-grade dual flip-up display unit equipped with an integral keyboard and trackball. Our customers are always looking for ways to maximize rack space, so we worked hard to have our newest TwoView fit in a smaller footprint. Utilizing slightly leaner construction while maintaining industrial-grade fortitude, the TwoView 2 features two hinged in-line displays, enabling both viewing areas to be on the same plane. The sleek design sacrifices no performance, though; the new TwoView 2 supports an even wider range of video signals. Whereas the original model supports VGA, DVI, and NTSC video signals, the new model will support HDMI, S-Video, HD-SDI, and SD-SDI. A primary concern with the old design was the difficult routing of the cables and the danger associated with pinching them; these are concerns that the new design resolves. Boasting a more economical price point, the new TwoView 2 continues our commitment to quality design and development. Shipping is expected to commence in October.