TwoView - Dual Display with Keyboard

Never content to rest on our laurels here at General Digital, we are excited to announce an innovative new product, the TwoView™.
Comprised of two high-resolution LCD monitors (15″, 17″ or 19″), the TwoView is built upon our proven SlimLine 1U™ base platform, which has been beefed up to handle the extra load of dual monitors. The two monitors flip up from the 2U (3.50″) high, 19″ rack mount chassis and slide to each side, giving the user twice the informational content needed to perform their duties—though we can’t promise they’ll accomplish twice the amount of work in the same amount of time. ;-)
The TwoView includes several choices of military, industrial or commercial keyboards with integral trackball or, if you prefer, optional cupholders in place of the keyboard. Other options include daylight and sunlight readable displays and a host of video inputs. Stereo speakers and a cable management guide are provided as standard equipment.
The anticipated release date is expected before the end of the second quarter, and we are now accepting pre-orders.
Please contact a Sales Engineer for more information or download the data sheet.