General Digital™ has designed a 20.1″ model for our popular Rack Mount Hinge™ LCD Monitor. Remarkably, it is housed within a 2U (3.50″) high, 20″ deep, rack mount flip-up monitor enclosure. The LCD monitor also features multiple video inputs such as one UXGA input, two NTSC video inputs, and two S-Video inputs. Additionally, the 20.1″ Rack Mount Hinge has the ability to display multiple video images in Picture-In-Picture windows. We expect to release it during the second quarter of 2005.

SlimLine 1U 19″ Passes UL and FCC Testing

The 19.0″ SlimLine 1U™ LCD Monitor/Keyboard/Trackball has successfully passed UL and FCC testing for use in FAA air traffic control towers and TRACONs and is now shipping. The SL1-19W-702 will serve as the official replacement model of the current model, SL1-19W-700, which is still available for a limited time.