Two View

General Digital is now taking orders for our latest innovative new product, the TwoView™.
Briefly, the TwoView is comprised of two high-resolution LCD monitors (15″, 17″ or 19″), with an enclosure that has been beefed up to handle the extra load of dual monitors.
The TwoView includes several choices of military, industrial or commercial keyboards with integral trackball or, if you prefer, optional cupholders in place of the keyboard. Other options include daylight and sunlight readable displays and a host of video inputs. Stereo speakers and a cable management guide are provided as standard equipment.
Please contact a Sales Engineer for more information or visit the TwoView page, which has all the details, including data sheet, drawings, photos and more.
If you need a smaller dual LCD monitor setup, we also have a RGB RackMount™ Dual and RGB PanelMount™ Dual, both with two 8.4″ LCD monitors.