The GenStar™ line is a mountable sunlight readable LCD monitor specifically designed by General Digital for the FAA’s STARS program for use in air traffic control towers. This latest iteration sees significant improvements over previous generations, such as reduced power consumption and heat generation, which results in significant direct cost savings (smaller power supply, smaller heat sinks and/or smaller fans). Another plus is the indirect cost savings customers will realize in terms of cost of ownership (utility / electric bills). Perhaps the most significant improvements, though, have to do with the LED backlighthigher brightness capability, better uniformity and increased longevity.

GenStar I™GenStar II™GenStar III™
Power Consumption180 watts100 watts50 watts
Backlight MTBF20,000 hours50,000 hours100,000 hours
Backlight Brightness Uniformity~70%~70%>90%

Also available is the GenStar III Lite™, which will be configured without components the end user would not utilize.