For decades, General Digital has dutifully served all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces and America’s allies with cutting-edge rack mount, panel mount, and standalone display solutions. During this time, we have built a reputation of providing customized products that are tailored to the rigorous demands of these extreme applications, with a focus on long-product lifecycles and configuration management that ensure our systems will stand the test of time.

As the needs of the warfighter rapidly evolve, so too do our capabilities. We recently launched the Tactical TwoView and Tactical ThreeView workstations—one of the first militarized systems to utilize USB-C connector technology—and this year, these systems will be deployed around the world to help protect our nation’s interests.

photo of custom battery charging terminalNow, we are thrilled to add even more complex solutions to our repertoire, enhancing our ability to provide innovative solutions for a variety of applications. These solutions include ruggedized communication boxes, battery charging terminals, external speakers, and more.

“When I joined General Digital 4 years ago, we were a company that had built up a tremendous amount of goodwill with our partners by providing durable, reliable display systems that were far superior to other displays on the market,” noted Bryan Dunn, VP of Business Development. “But I saw an opportunity for us to branch out and be a company that built more than just displays. Between the launch of our Embedded Systems Engineering group and these innovative new products, I’m thrilled to see that vision becoming a reality.”

More information on these new products will be publicly available as they approach production but if you’d like to learn more, contact us today.