General Digital is excited to announce that we will soon release our first SlimLine 1U with an optional integrated Blu-ray™ drive and KVM switch. Both options are available across our entire SlimLine Series lineup, as well as most of our other display products.

With a disc drive integrated into your unit, no more will you waste valuable time fumbling with extra wires and looking for open USB ports. The combination of the Blu-ray drive and General Digital high definition displays (including ultra clear sunlight readable and optically-bonded screens) ensures you will enjoy the best possible viewing experience.

The integrated KVM switch further simplifies the control of muliple computers from one central location.

Though the technology is not new, integrating both devices into a ruggedized 1U high flip-up monitor/keyboard/trackball system is an engineering achievement of some significance, if we say so ourselves. And furthers our drive to build better, more compact systems in the future.

Speak with a Sales Engineer to learn more and inquire about availability.