Two View

General Digital Corporation, the innovator of flat panel displays, is thrilled to introduce the Tactical TwoView™ (TTV) as the warfighter’s choice for their next generation of rugged workstations.

Slated for deployment in major defense programs, the TTV family of workstations is one of the first commercially available dual monitor solutions certified to MIL-STD 810-G and is designed so that all major components are field-replaceable in under ten minutes using only common hand tools, minimizing any potential downtime of this mission-critical workstation.

“General Digital has been at the forefront of technological innovation for defense applications for nearly 50 years,” noted Bryan Dunn, VP of Business Development, Display Systems Division at General Digital. “As technology rapidly changes, so do the needs of our warfighters. We’ve listened closely to our military and prime contractor customers and developed what I feel is one of our most innovative products since our SlimLine series revolutionized compact workstations all the way back in 1992. The Tactical TwoView fits seamlessly into the DoD’s modernization strategy of using open systems architecture to support the next-generation warfighter.”

The Tactical TwoView’s modular design allows for highly customizable configurations to suit your specific requirements and comes in three primary variations:

The TTV Shelter™ variant bolts directly onto the workstation surface of any mobile command shelter, providing a dual monitor solution in the same footprint as the existing single monitor set up.  During transit, the TTV folds and locks in place making suitable for high-shock environments.

The TTV Mobile™ variant, which is field-deployable, is stable enough to work on any horizontal surface such as command tent folding tables and is stored inside its own integrated transit case. This unique self-contained case provides an IP65 (ingress protection) rating against dust and water.

The TTV RackMount™ variant features an identical interface and computer to the other two variants, making it ideal for compact areas that require a rugged rack mounted workstation. The standard unit currently fits into a 24″ rack but is customizable to suit your application.

All TTVs use a series of locking mechanisms to allow users to set the display to their preferred viewing angle while securing the large LCD panels against high-shock events.

By utilizing video over USB-C, the TTV sends power, video, and communication over a single cable instead of several which reduces complexity and maintenance time. General Digital developed a custom video controller to support the TTV family which helps futureproof the system by allowing in service updates as customers adjust to new requirements or technological innovations.

The TTV’s integrated computer system connects to its host server through a gigabit ethernet or wireless connection, reducing operator vulnerability by allowing the entire workstation to be remote from the rest of the computing equipment. The integrated computer supports two independent video feeds on the displays while allowing the keyboard and trackball to provide inputs to the host server.

The Tactical TwoView is available in a variety of display sizes from 15″ to 24″ and is fully customizable to meet your exact specifications.

Two View

MIL-STD-810G Certified for:

  • Operating temperature
  • Storage temperature
  • Temperature shock
  • Operating altitude
  • Non-operating altitude
  • Transit vibration
  • Transit drop
  • Bench handle & shock
  • Salt Fog

Other key features include high-resolution, 5+ USB connections, audio input/output, and a variety of keyboard/trackball/mouse options.

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