From June 5–7, General Digital’s Optical Bonding Laboratories business unit exhibited at SID Display Week 2012 at the Boston Conventions and Expositions Center in Boston, MA. The SID (Society for Information Display) trade show is a great venue in which to see up close the latest display and display accessory technologies. We had several monitors on display, showcasing numerous innovations Optical Bonding Laboratories has recently developed:


Alternative TwoView Design Nearing Completion

As an alternative to our original dual flip-up monitor/keyboard, the TwoView, this latest incarnation features two hinged inline displays. This enables both viewing areas to be on the same plane rather than one slightly in front of the other. In addition, it also enables one display to be centered over the keyboard, or they can be offset in either direction. Capable of supporting multiple video sources (VGA, DVI, NTSC, HDMI), the TwoView is