Spurred by recent growth, General DIgital has purchased new capital equipment to enhance our confidence testing ability, improve our PCB production capabilities, and further modernize our facility.

Confidence Testing


Our ability to perform confidence testing on outbound hardware is a crucial part of our quality management process and gives customers peace of mind knowing thier products won’t break down in the field.

To further enhance this capability, we have procured a state-of-the-art Electro-Dynamic Shaker, giving us the ability to test vibration compliance to MIL-STD-810 right here at our facility.

This system comes equipped with several advanced features—inculding a 4-channel vibration controller that allows us to simulate random, sine, and classical shock, as well as cailbrating our own parameters to match unique customer requirements.

Additionally, we have upgraded our Thermotron Oven, increasing the rate of temperature change to 10 degrees per minute to comply with avionic equipment requirements.

PCB Production

General Digital has long had the capability to produce and modify printed circuit boards, and we’ve augmented this process with the procurement of a new Stencil Printer.

By bringing this capability in-house, we’re able to improve quality, throughput, and lead times, all factors that are crucial in today’s environment.

“With the uncertainty in today’s world, any opportunity we have to integrate a part of our supply chain is a huge win,” remarked Bryan Gudrian, President of General Digital Corporation. “The addition of this printer along with our Pick-and-Place machine and other equipment gives us world-class PCB production capability, right here in Connecticut.”

Backup Server

As our company continues to grow, it has become necessary to future-proof our facility with a new Backup Server. This server greatly increases our backup storage and was a crucial upgrade in our ongoing CMMC certification process.

If you’d like to see this new equipment on our factory floor, tours are available upon request. To schedule a visit, call (800) 952-2535 or Contact Us.