This week, we celebrated our 50th anniversary of providing world-class manufacturing and engineering services for defense, aerospace, medical devices, and other intensive applications. We have built a reputation for providing innovative solutions to engineering challenges with their ability to tailor a product to meet a customer’s exact specifications.

photo of Senator Blumenthal shaking hands with GD president Bryan GudrianWe had the honor of hosting a number of esteemed guests for the occasion, including:

  • U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal (CT)
  • U.S. Representative John Larson (CT-1)
  • CT State Representative Henry Genga, 10th District, House Majority Whip
  • CT State Representative Jeff Currey, 11th District
  • Rich Kehoe, Chief of Staff, Office of Senator Blumenthal and East Hartford Council Chairman
  • Angela Gilberti, Outreach Assistant (CT-1), Office of Senator Murphy
  • Connor Martin, Chief of Staff, Office of the Mayor of East Hartford
  • Jessica Olander, President, CT River Valley Chamber of Commerce
  • NBC Connecticut News

It was a privilege having the opportunity to not just connect with our elected officials, but to share the story of our last 50 years and discuss how we can continue to thrive for the next 50. General Digital was founded in 1973 by RPI Graduate Professors Russ Reiss, a hardware engineer, and the late Len Lazar, a software engineer. The two professors were a go-to resource for students dealing with tough challenges in their professional work, which inspired them to start their own company to better serve the evolving electronics industry. The company consists of three business units:

  • Display Systems—specializing in the design and manufacture of high-performance display systems and other ruggedized electronics for environmentally demanding applications
  • Software Engineering Services—focusing on the development and testing of safety-critical software systems including aviation and medical devices
  • Embedded Systems Engineering—combining hardware and software engineers to provide rapid prototyping and development for complex systems

One of our first customers was a large potato chip manufacturer that was struggling with their operator terminal constantly failing. When sent a unit for evaluation, our engineers immediately realized that the salty, humid factory air was corroding the electronics, and set to work building a sealed system that would protect vulnerable electronics from harm. This product would eventually become the VuePoint™, released in 1977 as the world’s first ruggedized touch screen terminal.

Another company achievement is our pioneering work in the field of Independent Verification & Validation. As FAA regulations regarding avionic software became stricter in the 1980s, General Digital identified the need for standardized testing processes, and was an early leader in ensuring aerospace safety. Over the years, the software team has developed tools and procedures to streamline testing and reporting to reduce time and cost for both manufacturers and regulators.

photo of Congressman Larson“We’re extremely proud to have had the opportunity to support such a diverse group of customers over the past 50 years,” remarked GDC President Bryan Gudrian. “Being in business as long as we have truly is a testament to the quality of the products and services we offer. From defense and commercial aviation to medical devices and energy, even some of the most iconic American theme parks and landmarks, it’s an honor to be able to provide solutions that drive industry forward.”

Moving into the future, General Digital is poised to continue their spirit of innovation into the 21st century. Our SlimLine™ rack mount display systems are a mainstay on naval ships with thousands of fielded units supporting friendly militaries around the world. The recent release of our next-generation SlimLine Commercial™ ensures protection against low-cost overseas alternatives. The Tactical TwoView™ Dual-Display Workstation, one of the first ruggedized workstations to support USB-C, is being deployed to serve in vital missile defense batteries across the world later this year. We have also been recently selected for a multi-million dollar effort in support of a carrier launch flight operator display for the U.S. Naval Aviation program. These milestones, alongside other multi-million dollar developmental contracts in progress, show General Digital is poised to continue driving innovation for another 50 years.

About General Digital
General Digital Corporation (GDC) is an AS9100D Certified company headquartered at a 50,000 square foot facility in East Hartford, CT. For 50 years, GDC has served a variety of markets with innovative design and implementation, building a reputation for their ability to solve complex engineering challenges. The company’s commitment to quality is evidenced in their diverse line of hardware products and software engineering solutions. The company has thousands of fielded units deployed around the world serving major military programs, and is an integral part of the defense industrial base.