What You Need to Know About General Digital Repair Services

It’s happened to most of us. You buy a really cool widget, take it out of the box, turn it on, and it starts to behave erratically. And reading the troubleshooting section of the documentation yields no solutions. Or, let’s say the widget operates flawlessly for a week beyond the expiration of the warranty. Great! […]

This is the Best Way to Process Code for Review

Many teams struggle with code reviews. They’re slow, they’re difficult, they lead to arguments, and worst of all they’re ineffective. After a while, everyone stops caring about them and the code review becomes a meaningless exercise. “It compiles…it doesn’t crash when I start the application…ship it.” Some teams stop the code review process altogether, perhaps […]

RestoMods—Not Just for Cars

RestoMod: a term coined by car enthusiasts who admire the old classics, but appreciate modern amenities. This is usually accomplished by taking an older vehicle (a 1969 Mustang Fastback, for example) and “restoring” all of its innards with modern components. Sounds like a motor enthusiast’s dream, right?   VuePoint Now, what if, simply for the […]

Rack Mount Monitor Mayhem

Many Flavors of Rack Mount Monitors Rack environments are very diverse, their requirements differing greatly from one application to the next. When it comes to squeezing displays into these often space-constrained environments, General Digital offers a full array of rack mount monitors to fit nearly any application—the designs engineered and built to our customers’ exact […]

The 5 Most Popular Touch Screen Technologies Available Today

Though touch screen technology first appeared in the mid-1960’s, it would take about two decades before being integrated into consumer devices. And another decade before appearing on mobile phones and PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants). Today, touch screens have become ubiquitous: they’re used on all manner of devices we encounter in our everyday lives: ATMs, vending […]

9 Common But Often Misunderstood LCD-Related Terms

In the world of flat panel monitor systems, many technical terms are used daily that are considered “normal” to anyone in the industry. These terms get used so freely and frequently that we forget lay people may not be fully familiar with their meaning. At least in the context in which we’re using them. We […]

Three Tips To Avoid Damaging Your Optically Bonded Displays Right Now

We can not stress enough how important it is to take all of the necessary precautions when installing an optically-bonded flat panel display. Neglecting to take proper precautions can result in panel failures, including permanent damage to the LCD, pressure spots, delamination, cracking of the overlay and other components related to the build, and more. […]

7 Misleading Assumptions About Sunlight Readable LCDs

What determines if a display truly is sunlight readable? Most consumers would be surprised to learn that: 1) There is no universal definition for “sunlight readability” of LCDs. 2) There is no governing certification agency, therefore no performance testing or certification is required for suppliers to claim that their panels are sunlight readable. 3) There […]

How to Clean the Display on Your LCD Monitor

Dust and finger prints on your LCD screens are a constant nuisance. What’s worse is when you attempt to clean it with normal glass cleaning solutions—it leaves a streaky film and the screen never looks as good as it did the day you bought it. General Digital specializes in manufacturing LCD monitors and we know […]