Many Flavors of Rack Mount Monitors

Rack environments are very diverse, their requirements differing greatly from one application to the next. When it comes to squeezing displays into these often space-constrained environments, General Digital offers a full array of rack mount monitors to fit nearly any application—the designs engineered and built to our customers’ exact specifications for their project.

A Navy seaman monitors the ship's Automated Digital Networking System using general Digital rack mount displays

Rack mountable displays are offered in two general configurations: sliding flip-up monitors (as in our SlimLine and TwoView families [available with power supplies, KVM switches, cable guides, and rack mount slides]) and stationary displays (as in our Saber, Barracuda and Titan families). Both of these configurations are available with touch screen, sunlight readable and NVIS-compatible display options.

SlimLine 1U, SlimLine Lite II,
SlimLine Commercial

SlimLine 1U 19 inch in transit case

Our SlimLine series is our most popular rack mount solution with display sizes ranging from 15.0″ to 20.1″.

At 1 rack unit high (1.75″), the SlimLine 1U combines a flip-up LCD panel with an integrated keyboard (backlighting optional) that can be further accessorized with a trackball, touch pad or HulaPoint. While the SlimLine 1U takes up less height, it is important to note that it does require greater rack depth than the SlimLine Lite II (see the photo below).

At 2U high (3.5″), the SlimLine Lite II’s greater height enables the flip-up display to “fold” over the integrated keyboard and pointing device for storage, making more room for accessories such as the power supply and KVM switch attachments, or simply for use in more shallow rack cabinets.

Distance 19 inch SlimLine 1U & II  Extend from Rack

Distance that 19 inch SlimLine 1U and II extend from a rack. As you can see in the photo, the SlimLine 1U requires a deeper rack than the SlimLine Lite II to accommodate the unit.

SlimLine height comparison

Side by side height comparison of SlimLine Lite II and 1U

Both the SlimLine 1U and SlimLine Lite II can be configured with optional CAC readers and DVD/Blu-ray disc drives. Their aluminum enclosures are designed for daily, long-term use in military and industrial environments.

The SlimLine Commercial, on the other hand, serves in much the same capacity as its “big sisters,” albeit better suited to commercial and light industrial environments. For those who don’t require a flip-up monitor/keyboard with configuration control and extended life cycles, the budget-priced SlimLine Commercial is well up to the task.

SlimLine Micro, Rack Mount Hinge & Stowaway

SlimLine Micro rugged 19-inch flip-up monitor

Mounted on slides with a stowed 1U height, the SlimLine Micro makes it easy to slide out, flip up and display information within very limited confines, as it’s essentially a SlimLine 1U without the keyboard.

The SlimLine Micro’s sister product is the Rack Mount Hinge, which offers multiple locking pivot points, rather than continuous friction hinges.

SlimLine Micro continuous friction hinge

Rack Mount Hinge offers multiple locking pivot points.

Both of these industrial-/military-grade monitors (display sizes from 15″ to 20″, depending on model) can be factory configured to flip up or flip down, are available with a large selection of video inputs and offer varying degrees of ruggedization.

In the same family, the Stowaway is geared towards commercial and light industrial applications.

TwoView & TwoView Micro

TwoView - rack mount dual 20-inch flip-up displays with keyboard

The TwoView and TwoView Micro serve in much the same role as the SlimLine Lite II and SlimLine Micro products, respectively. They, too, are ruggedized monitors, ready for duty on the battlefield or the oil rig.

The TwoView 2, with an all-metal enclosure, is intended for an industrial to light military audience, and designed so the secondary display folds to the left, right, or up.

TwoView 2 configured to open the secondary display vertically

The advantage, of course, is dual displays, which can display twice as much information, yet they are still compact units that slide back into the rack and out of the way when stowed. And the TwoView, like its SlimLine sisters, can also be equipped with numerous options, such as touch screens, DVD/Blu-ray disc drives, Smart Card readers, and KVM switches.

Saber RackMount & RackMate

Saber RackMount Solar NVIS military-grade high bright monitor

The “standard” Saber RackMount and RackMate models are anything but. The Saber Series is built to easily handle heavy industrial use. Utilizing an all-metal enclosure, it is also designed with the intent to meet numerous military standards, such as MIL-STD-901D, MIL-STD-810F, MIL-STD461E/F, MIL-STD-167B, and more. Optionally, TEMPEST Level I, II and III protection is available.

Standard display sizes range from 6.4″ to 24″, and can be configured for sunlight readability and/or compatibility with night vision goggles.

Additionally, we maintain configuration control on the Saber RackMount, meaning it can be manufactured, serviced and upgraded for many years, while maintaining similar or equivalent performance.

The RackMate, available with displays from 15″ to 19″, features a high performance LCD controller with optional support for DVI input signals. Though it’s no less reliable than the Saber RackMount, its economical metal and plastic enclosure is best suited for commercial applications.

Barracuda RackMount

Barracuda 19-inch rugged waterproof monitor

Though nearly identical to the Saber RackMount in performance, the Barracuda RackMount features an environmentally sealed metal enclosure. The IP67 housing is not only waterproof—it also provides protection against contamination from blowing dust, falling dirt and debris, sleet, snow, hose-directed liquids, external formation of ice, and submersion in water (up to 1 meter depth) for up to 30 minutes.

Barracuda - Waterproof sunlight readable NVG compatible military-grade 17-inch monitor

This specially-built Barracuda features a raised silicone keypad, with backlit NVIS-compatible buttons, military-grade enclosure, touch screen and meets MIL-STD-461 for EMI compliance.

As with all of our rugged monitors, the Barracuda RackMount can be specially configured to precisely meet our customer’s specifications.


Titan RackMount & Titan Lite RackMount

Titan 65-inch rugged LCD monitor

Also similar to the Saber RackMount, the Titan RackMount comprises our large format displays, from 30″ to 65″ for standard units (inquire about non-standard and larger sizes).

Though the Titan is not intended to fit into an EIA (Electronic Industries Alliance) RETMA (Radio Electronics Television Manufacturers Association) rack, occasionally rack mount hole spacing is requested or desired for uniformity. This or custom hole locations can be accommodated.

Titan and Titan Lite products are ideal for digital signage applications such as kiosks, electronic billboards, retail television, corporate and military communications, and more.

A useful option is the ability to accept and display up to 4 simultaneous video signals. Additionally, Smart Titan options would include an embedded computer to permit all-in-one functionality. Multitouch and other touch technology options are also popular and improve efficiency, negating the need for a keyboard or mouse.

In Conclusion

Rack mounting is useful for compact and uniform installation of equipment. Nearly all electronic products are now available with rack mountable options. General Digital makes it easy to determine spatial arrangement prior to installation by referring to dimensional measurements in 1U (1.75″ vertical height) increments. We purposely design our rack mount enclosures to be fractionally shorter than 1U to allow for “wiggle room,” which lends itself to uniform fitting and ease of installation.

Rack mount monitors in use today are commonly used in numerous military applications, as well as many other types of industries that require space-saving and reliable high performance electronics. General Digital builds custom configurations to meet nearly any condition, whether it’s one piece or one thousand. We invite you, when you’re ready, to consult a Sales Engineer concerning your application requirements. There is no obligation on your part whatsoever.