Why ChatGPT Isn’t Replacing Humans Anytime Soon

If you read our last software blog, Challenges of Independent Verification & Validation of Intelligent Systems, you might have noticed that it seemed a little more…robotic than usual. That’s because we let ChatGPT write it for us. What is ChatGPT? ChatGPT is a new AI tool that allows users to basically talk to a robot. […]

Why ChatGPT Isn’t Replacing Humans Anytime Soon

Improving Ruggedized System Performance with the Latest Connector Technology

Chances are, you’ve already come in contact with a USB-C connector.  You might be surprised to learn that they were originally developed in 2014, but have only recently gained substantial traction. These connectors are now used in the latest laptops, phones, and tablets, and their incredible utility continues to flourish. General Digital is proud to […]

Rugged Monitors for Ruggedized Workstations

Submarines, Humvees, aircraft, ships, and even server rooms share a common theme: minimal space for personnel and equipment. And the computer workstations needed for the mission or task at hand are a vital component to achieving the day’s objectives. Not only must these systems and monitors be compact and easily accessed by highly active team […]