Pros and Cons of Agile Development for Safety-Critical Applications

Agile software development methods are growing increasingly popular in product development. You can see why—an emphasis on speed, collaboration, and innovation sounds like a great concept. However, in safety-critical applications, there are concerns that agile methodology is insufficient in ensuring that the end product will not malfunction out in the field. So do those concerns […]


Five Benefits of Working with US-Based Manufacturers

Over the last several decades, the commercial world has become smaller and smaller. While there are many contributing factors, trade policies and technological advances such as the Internet are considered the biggest ones. Regardless of the exact influences, they all add up to the ability for you to buy products made just about anywhere in […]

Key Considerations when Sourcing a Sealed Monitor

For most monitor applications, a standard off-the-shelf unit gets the job done. But there are certain situations that require a sealed monitor to protect it from the elements. Uses vary from car washes, boats, grain silos, mining, to explosive and other extreme environments. You get the idea. But it’s not just as simple case of: […]

Understanding Key Options for Ruggedized Displays

When it comes to configuring ruggedized equipment, there’s no shortage of options. In fact, our modeling system provides over 120 million configurations in total! That’s a lot to cover. So today, we’ll focus on the primary attributes available for ruggedized displays. Physical Size Ultimately, this will drive a lot of your decision making. In order […]