The Impact of MIL-DTL-901E on Shock Requirements

With mounting global tensions, and advanced weaponry readily available to most rebel factions, components used in mission-critical and safety-critical conditions must be constructed to withstand high impact shock. MIL-S-901D, an 82-page document published in 1989, detailed the shock testing requirements for shipboard machinery, equipment and systems, as they must endure constant stress while maintaining normal […]

Systems Integration by General Digital

General Digital is well-known for our state-of-the-art engineering regarding display technology. But what you may not know is that we also provide a full complement of engineering for systems integration of displays and other electronics, along with mechanical components and devices. From display systems to power supplies, secure servers, KVM switches and extenders, as well […]

Bridging the Gap Between Pre-Clinical and Real-World Experience Using Simulation

Training with real world devices can be expensive, never mind having the correct combination of devices for every training scenario required. A typical Operating Room, Emergency Room or doctor’s office can have many devices for monitoring a patient’s health. Some of those devices can have costs in excess of $50,000. This makes going from the […]

General Digital’s First 4K UHD 24-inch LCD Monitor

General Digital is excited to announce that we recently finished constructing our first 4K UHD monitor. This first configuration is equipped with a 23.8″ LED-backlit LCD, though other sizes will be available soon (27″, 30″ and larger). The 3840 x 2160 resolution screen (16:9) displays 1.07 billion colors at a contrast ratio of 1000:1. The standard […]

GenStar IV Spotlight: Recessed Connector Panel

The next big thing is actually smaller! General Digital is quite familiar with the mantra “Less is more.” In keeping with that theme, the GenStar IV features a recessed connector panel, requiring less of a bend radius for power and video cables. Watch our video to see this innovation in action.

GenStar IV Spotlight: Field-Replaceable Power Supply

What could possibly so great about a power supply? Usually, nothing. But in the case of General Digital’s new GenStar IV, the power supply that was once a hulking mass on the rear of the GenStar I and II is now internal to the unit. The result? An amazingly slim redesign of the FAA’s STARS […]

GenStar IV Spotlight: User Interface Display

The GenStar IV is loaded with all sorts of new features that make it the premiere monitor for the air traffic control industry. Of all  the features it includes, the User Input Display (UID) is perhaps the most unique. The UID was designed to provide the air traffic controller with unrestricted access to mission critical […]

GenStar IV in the Spotlight

Introducing the new GenStar IV! The GenStar family, faithfully serving the FAA since 1999 as its Primary Tower Display, takes a quantum leap in innovative design with its newest member. Featuring an internal field-replaceable power supply, the GenStar IV boasts a slimmer, sleeker design while maintaining the same x and y dimensions as its predecessors. […]

Not Just Another Superhero

Suit of Armor. Engineering Marvel. Ruggedized. Sure, these words conjure up thoughts of yet another superhero movie in the making. But these characteristics also aptly describe the SlimLine 1U, General Digital’s rack mount rescue ranger. Combining monitor, keyboard, and pointing device, the SlimLine 1U—at one rack unit high—saves space like your common comic book character […]