VueSim LCD Monitor

Training with real world devices can be expensive, never mind having the correct combination of devices for every training scenario required. A typical Operating Room, Emergency Room or doctor’s office can have many devices for monitoring a patient’s health. Some of those devices can have costs in excess of $50,000. This makes going from the pre-clinical/classroom to the real world very tough.

But now a solution is available for far less than the cost of one piece of equipment— and can do everything you would need. Finally, a way to give real world, hands-on experience and training in a cost-effective way using simulation…truly bridging the gap between pre-clinical training/education and real world experience.

Mi-HMI LCD MonitorAll of this with the appearance, and the performance, of authentic equipment, and you can create your own instrumentation for your devices and recall them on-demand to suit your needs. General Digital’s Mi-HMI will accommodate your every requirement. It is truly a unique and cost-effective “Design & Display” solution.

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