IPython Notebook – Communicating Concepts Made Easy

Recently we discovered a communication disconnect between our Systems group and our Software engineering group. Shortly after one of the meetings, the Systems Engineer sent an e-mail to the Software group suggesting that we watch a certain episode of Star Trek. In the aforementioned episode, the alien beings speak in metaphor, forcing the crew to […]

Medical Device and Avionics Software Testing Share A Common Goal

In the U.S. Avionics industry, software is categorized by its criticality and is certified by the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA). Similarly, in the Medical Devices industry, software is also categorized by its criticality and is certified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Each of these federal agencies is governed by the Code of Federal […]

Monitor Must-Haves: Accessorized to Satisfy

The need for capable computing extends beyond a ruggedized flat panel LCD monitor. Customers often require specific options or accessories included in the design for space constraints or to ensure a fuller computing experience. It’s not enough to provide ruggedized, specialized, and customized displays; many depend on General Digital to provide innovative solutions. In this […]

GD Software Services is Serious About Safety

General Digital Software Services has been part of the company since it’s inception in 1973. Currently, it is comprised of 2 groups: IV&V and Software Development. Rafael Blanco, the manager of the IV&V unit, explains all that his group provides to our customers. “General Digital Software Services is well aware that Independent Verification and Validation […]

Calibration of the Highest Caliber

There are many reasons to love your LCD monitor. Bold color, high resolution, and bright contrast are just a few reasons that you should treasure the “face” of your computer system. But what about when your LCD monitor behaves in strange ways? Ghosting, sparkling, and rolling horizontal and vertical lines may sound like really cool […]

LCD Monitors in the Military

By necessity, most equipment used by the armed forces must, at a minimum, be rugged, portable, and lightweight. As LCDs (Liquid Crystal Displays) are much smaller, lighter, and more power efficient than CRTs (Cathode Ray Tubes), they are a natural choice for most military applications. In the confines of a naval vessel, armored combat vehicle, […]

Is the Traditional Trade Show Dead?

In our experience, trade show attendance and ROI (return on investment) have dropped off in recent years. Perhaps one reason is because of the ease of gathering information about a product via the Internet—not only from the manufacturer’s web site, but from reviews, blogs, forums and other social media sources. Though these sources can be […]