These 3 Basic Attributes Aren’t So Special, But Every Military Monitor Requires Them

Military-grade monitors must adhere to a strict set of requirements. It’s a no-brainer that they need to be rugged and durable to take the abuse they will inevitably endure, whether on the battlefield or the battleship. However, some factors matter more than others when a great many lives are on the line. Readability, portability and […]

What You Need to Know About General Digital Repair Services

It’s happened to most of us. You buy a really cool widget, take it out of the box, turn it on, and it starts to behave erratically. And reading the troubleshooting section of the documentation yields no solutions. Or, let’s say the widget operates flawlessly for a week beyond the expiration of the warranty. Great! […]

For the Best Quality, DIY or PCBs

Ruggedized displays, first-rate software development and testing, optical bonding for stellar display performance…all qualities of which General Digital is known the world over. But there is one crucial element that ties all of these admirable qualities together and enables them to perform well. A simple, unassuming device that, unless you’re an engineer, you probably don’t […]

This is the Best Way to Process Code for Review

Many teams struggle with code reviews. They’re slow, they’re difficult, they lead to arguments, and worst of all they’re ineffective. After a while, everyone stops caring about them and the code review becomes a meaningless exercise. “It compiles…it doesn’t crash when I start the application…ship it.” Some teams stop the code review process altogether, perhaps […]

RestoMods—Not Just for Cars

RestoMod: a term coined by car enthusiasts who admire the old classics, but appreciate modern amenities. This is usually accomplished by taking an older vehicle (a 1969 Mustang Fastback, for example) and “restoring” all of its innards with modern components. Sounds like a motor enthusiast’s dream, right?   VuePoint Now, what if, simply for the […]

Systems Integration by General Digital

General Digital is well-known for our state-of-the-art engineering regarding display technology. But what you may not know is that we also provide a full complement of engineering for systems integration of displays and other electronics, along with mechanical components and devices. From display systems to power supplies, secure servers, KVM switches and extenders, as well […]

The Saber Series: Versatility Comes Standard

Today’s information society demands versatility. And our Saber Series delivers. General Digital combines ruggedization, specialization, and customization in varying degrees to produce LCD monitors that cover a wide range of application needs. The Saber Series offers a selection of mounting options, display options, and capabilities that make it a standout monitor in the crowded monitor […]

The SlimLine Lite II Gets You Rack Mount Ready

To the untrained eye, General Digital’s SlimLine Lite II might look like your basic laptop that has probably spent a little too much time at the doughnut shop. But in reality, it spends all of its time at the gym. It’s crammed chock full with capabilities of which a laptop could only dream. And at […]

Déjà Vue

After the morning you’ve had—bad coffee, uncooperative kids, horrible commute—you’re settled in at your desk (which you’ve styled to perfectly mimic the cockpit of an X-Wing starfighter) for another routine day at the office. Except, as you have just learned, this will not be another routine day at the office… Your project manager bursts into […]

Sunlight Readable NVIS-Compatible Displays Excel with LED Backlights

When discussing display technology that has the capacity to be sunlight readable or night vision goggle compatible—or both—LED backlights invariably enter the picture. Here, we outline the finer points of these technologies and how this trinity works together, allowing General Digital to bring you LCD monitors with superior performance. LED Backlight Advantages Today, LCDs are […]