General Digital Software Services has been part of the company since it’s inception in 1973. Currently, it is comprised of 2 groups: IV&V and Software Development. Rafael Blanco, the manager of the IV&V unit, explains all that his group provides to our customers.

“General Digital Software Services is well aware that Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) services are essential to safeguarding human lives, and we have worked very hard to ensure the quality and robustness of our testing. Testing to life-critical standards has provided us with the breadth of experience necessary to serve our customer’s demands for safety-critical testing across a variety of vital platforms, such as DO-178B for avionics, IEC 62304 for medical, and MISRA for automotive. Adding to the wealth of experience that we have in our collective Software Services groups is the longevity of our staff, many of whom have been with us for well over a decade.”

These factors, and many others, allow us to differentiate ourselves quite effectively from other companies that provide software testing. With over 30 years worth of on-shore IV&V testing experience, we continue to meet our customers’ needs with timely results. Quality, accuracy, and efficiency are the hallmarks of the services that we provide. After all, as Rafael explains in the video, “Life depends on it.”

Video length: 1:57