Extended Warranty

General Digital’s ruggedized hardware solutions are built here in the United States with the highest-quality components and labor available. From workstations and display systems to keyboards, power supplies, and cables—you need to have confidence that your product is going to work when you need it to.

However, despite taking every measure possible to avoid product issues (including a full source inspection on 100% of the parts that leave our facility), it is inevitable that sometimes failures may occur. That’s why we stand behind our products by including a 1-year standard warranty with all purchases. This warranty allows you to utilize our expert repair technicians to get your product up and running, free of charge.

Extended Warranty

Extended Warranties

For some applications, we understand that one year might still not be enough time for you to properly inspect a product before it is deployed in the field. That’s why we offer extended warranty options to provide an additional one or two years of coverage if needed. By opting into additional coverage, you gain peace of mind knowing that if your product has an issue you don’t have to worry about repair costs.

To learn more about our warranty options, please refer to our terms and conditions.