We’re inviting you to go with us on this little trip. So, close your eyes. Wait! Don’t close your eyes yet. First, read this, then close your eyes. Okay, so here goes…

General Digital's softball trophyThere’s a slight breeze blowing, gently rustling the leaves of the still summer trees and the tall grass at the edge of the open field. The sun has long ago set, and the night is full, but the field is aflame with excitement. There’s the crack of a bat, the whistle of the missile out of the park, and not long afterward the sweet music of a slide to home plate. Almost immediately, Queen begins belting out “We are the Champions” as a trio of F-22 fighter jets fly over the ballfield in exultation of our glorious win in the South Windsor Recreation Department Softball League. Because our schedule is jam packed with producing world-class optical bonding, flat panel LCDs, and software testing and development, we had to turn down the invitation to a nationwide tour instilling hope in state after state and community after community.

Okay, so maybe that’s not what happened. And there was no invitation to a nationwide tour. But one thing rings true: We are the champions! That’s right, after three years of making it to the championships, on September 4th, we brought home the trophy—the hard-earned hardware that we now display proudly in our lobby.

Though the game wasn’t the nail-biter that is often portrayed in the movies and on TV, winning the championship is still the stuff of legend. When Jorge gunned one from right field to home plate, and when Big Will flipped the ball to Rafael at home plate to prevent a major play, we were definitely playing for keeps. It was plays like that which helped us lead the game from the beginning. With a final score of 15-8, and a season record of 12-6, we played big to win big.

We want to extend our thanks to all of the guys and girl (Jennifer Annett, our FAA and ATC salesperson) who made this a winning season for us!

General Digital's winning softball team