Trying to wait ever so patiently, Tenell and Brian thought that this day would never come! They had only told everybody in the office that they could hardly wait. No, they weren’t waiting for Christmas. They already know that Santa doesn’t exist (well, at least Tenell does).

On May 22nd, Tenell and Brian toured the Pentagon under special invitation.

Tenell & Brian go to the Pentagon


As you may recall, while exhibiting at the Navy League Sea-Air-Space trade show in National Harbor, MD, last month, Tenell and Brian were complimented on the imaginative booth design and presentation of General Digital’s products and services. Further conversation concerning our extensive work with the Navy (and all other branches of the armed forces) impressed our visitor enough to warrant the invitation to the headquarters of the U.S. Department of Defense.

If you’ve never been to the Pentagon, one word describes it best: MASSIVE. With its multiple restaurants (besides its huge food court), pharmacies, and specialty stores, an employee has no need to leave the premises all day. Accommodating over 25,000 employees daily, the world’s largest low-rise office building is like a gigantic beehive buzzing with activity! Tenell and Brian were able to tour the 9/11 memorial and view the chapel nearby, while also getting a chance to also stroll through the central courtyard.

Their time there, of course, was not spent merely walking slack-jawed through those hallowed halls, however. Tenell and Brian expressed their desire to serve our United States Armed Forces in even greater capacities. Many of General Digital’s monitors have been designed to military specifications, making them the natural choice in a wide variety of programs and applications.

Before heading to the Pentagon, Brian and Tenell had visited with two businesses in Virginia: Hart Technologies and Germane Systems. Along for the trip was the new TwoView 2, which made its debut at last month’s Navy League trade show. The TwoView 2 was the perfect travel companion as it demonstrated the product evolution of our TwoView line of rugged rack mount monitors. It served as the perfect introduction to the many capabilities that General Digital affords.

Next month, Tenell and Brian are heading out to sunny southern California to visit customers they’ve not seen since last year, while Jennifer (the Director of our Optical Bonding Laboratories business unit) sets up shop at SID (Society for Information Display) in San Diego. Stay tuned for details!