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Giovanny, Sarah and Raf at The Last Intervention premiereBut did you know that a member of our “family” is an actual movie producer? You’ll want to tuck this in your folder marked “Things I’ve Learned Today”: Rafael Blanco, manager of General Digital Software Services, has produced not one, but two independent films. Along with his brother, Giovanny, and his brother’s wife, Sarah Thorp, “Raf” has produced Cornelius and The Last Intervention.

Some of the female stars at the premiere showing of The Last InterventionGiovanny serves as director and producer, while Sarah both writes and produces, and Raf functions in the roles of producer, production manager, and line producer. Wearing multiple hats, he concerns himself with expenses, scheduling of shoots, and the overall timing of when the film is shot.

Their first film, Cornelius, centers around the title character having spent seven years in an institution after the loss of his wife in a tragic accident. After his release, he seeks to reconnect with his son. Shot in July 2008, outside of Los Angeles, Cornelius took 18 days to shoot and cost about $35,000. Raf reveals that the idea for Cornelius echoes a traumatic experience in the life of his children’s mother.

Eager moviegoers waiting to get in to the premiere showing of The Last InterventionBy contrast, The Last Intervention, which premiered on August 30th, 2012, was shot in 11 days. At the cost of a meager $15,000, The Last Intervention was born from the need for an “idea that fits the budget.” The entire film was produced in 90 days; the plan all along was to complete the film before Giovanny’s 40th birthday.

The stars talk to the audience after the premiere showing of The Last InterventionInspired by the reality TV shows that dominate the airwaves, The Last Intervention focuses on the disconnect between parents and their teenage children. Raf explains that often in immigrant families (in this case, the Dominican Republic), any aberrant behavior parents observe in teens is ascribed to drug use; so in The Last Intervention, the father contracts a film crew to follow his daughter and hires a therapist to conduct an intervention…and much hilarity ensues.

The Last Intervention promotional postcardHaving premiered in Hartford, Connecticut, the film has since bounded beyond borders:
– featured at the Crown Heights Film Festival in Brooklyn, NY (November 8th)
– featured at the Oaxaca FilmFest in Mexico (November 14)
– featured at the 6th Dominican Global Film Festival in the Dominican Republic (November 15th, 16th, and 18th)
– will be featured at the Hartford Flick Fest (December 7th and 8th)

Congratulations to Sarah, Giovanny and Raf on creating their second first-rate film!

P.S. Visit Facebook and like The Last Intervention page.

Edit December 12, 2012

After the showing of The Last Intervention at The Wadsworth Atheneum and the newly opened Spotlight Theatre (both in Hartford, CT), the Hartford Flick Fest had this to post on its Facebook page: “Congratulations Blanco Brothers for winning Best CT Flick at the Hartford Flick Fest!!! Your movie was an absolute delight to everyone that watched it. Rafael was such a gracious film maker and conducted very insightful Q & A after both screenings. Thank you so much for entering and attending the Festival.” Way to go, Raf!

Edit September 29, 2013

The Last Intervention is now available for viewing and/or downloading on Amazon! So, grab some popcorn and head over there now to watch this hilarious movie. Available in HD, too!