General Digital's booth at AUSA 2012Having returned from the ATCA 57th Annual Conference & Exposition at National Harbor on October 3rd, it wasn’t long before we were hopping another flight to exhibit in Washington, D.C. from October 22–24 at AUSA’s Annual Meeting & Expo. Once again, we played games. Once again, we wore our track suits and gym suits (making us the envy of our neighboring exhibitors). And once again, we made some great contacts.

A couple of visitors can't resist playing a few games on our Titan 37 inch LCD MonitorOur booth boasted an impressive array of monitors (if we do say so ourselves). The 37″ Titan—the most portable of our large format monitors (as much as “portable” can be attributed to a 50-pound mass of metal and glass)—turned heads as it displayed both blockbuster movies as well as Playstation 3 games in HD. We found many willing attendees of the trade show who couldn’t resist the lure of gaming on the large screen.

The 19″ TwoView (dual flip-up LCDs rack mount unit)—a road trip and trade show regular—was also a source of great interest for those stopping at our booth.

Our 15.4″ Saber PanelMount Combat Display Kit proves most engaging to the “techies” out there. As a ‘technology demonstrator,’ it effectively conveys our proficiency with display enhancement features: sunlight readable, night vision-goggle compatible, LCD heater, touch screen, EMI filter, and backlit buttons.

Our 8.4 inch Barracuda Standalone in a fish tank at AUSA 2012Of course, we can’t forget the Barracuda, the acclaimed show stopper. Submerged in a fully decorated fish tank and playing movies such as The Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo, Shark Tale, and the Spongebob Squarepants Movie, the environmentally sealed 8.4″ Barracuda continues to turn heads at every show.

Rounding out the bunch were two units that we also displayed at the ATCA trade show earlier in October. Our 12″ Saber Standalone was on hand, illustrating our ability to accommodate a wide variety of video inputs and sporting a slim enclosure with infrared touch screen capability. Our booth at AUSA always attracts a crowdThe 21.5″ SlimLine Micro boasted Quadview capability, allowing four separate video inputs to be displayed simultaneously. Designed to be installed in the ceilings of tactical military ground vehicles, the SlimLine Micro proves that customizing flat panel LCD monitors is our specialty.

Maximizing our time away from the office, we headed south the day after the show and met with key personnel at Global Technical Systems and stopped in at WR Systems. Friday brought us to Newport News Shipbuilding where we presented our wares and discussed current programs on which we are working, as well as future programs that may require our assistance.

Though this marks the end of our traveling season for the year, we’re already looking forward to visiting some of the contacts that we made while enjoying the beach at our booth. If you’d like to be one of the special few on our “Who Will We Visit Next?” list, just contact us and we’ll let you know when we’ll be in the area!