If there’s one thing we’ve learned in the 48 years we’ve supported the DoD and other government buyers, it’s that there tends to be a lot of paperwork involved.

This isn’t a blog about how paperwork is bad or unnecessary. Paperwork is good! It makes sure that our Armed Forces are supplied with only quality, compliant equipment from reputable companies.

However, we have certainly seen some projects delayed or even cancelled over the years because there were too many boxes to check and not enough time to check them. One way that we streamline the ordering process to make it as quick and painless to buy from General Digital as possible is through the use of Configuration Bundles.

Baseline Part Numbers

General Digital's SlimLine Lite II Catalog.
Our SlimLine Lite II Catalog, featuring a number of baseline parts & configuration bundles

Before explaining bundles, it’s important to understand our part numbering system. Standard baseline finished products have a part number that follows the following format:

90 – [Product Family] – [Unique ID Number] – [Revision Letter]


  • Product Family = 3 digit numeric code
  • Unique ID Number = 3 digit numeric code
  • Revision Letter = Alphabetical Order

Standard baseline part numbers only include the finished product, and any accessories assigned to the baseline part number (eg. an EMI shield).

What is a bundle?

In addition to rugged displays, our Display Systems division also offers a number of supplementary options & accessories (keyboards, power supplies, rack mount adaptor kits, etc.) as well as extended warranties. To make it easier for our customers to order multiple complementary products, we created “bundles.”

Bundles have the following format:

90 – 2+[Product Family] – [Unique ID Number] – [Revision Letter]

Where the “2” prefix before product family indicates that the part is a bundle.

How does this help?

The General Digital 90-2722-012.
Our 90-2722-010 bundle includes a baseline SlimLine Lite II with Rack Mount Adapter Kit, Power Supply, Custom Label, and a 2 Year Extended Warranty

A great example of this is our 90-2722-010-E, which includes the following items:

  • 90-722-054-C (Baseline SlimLine Lite II)
  • 90-753-A (Rack Mount Adapter Kit)
  • 90-1105-011-C (Power Supply)
  • 94-012 (2 Year Extended Warranty)
  • 2722-012-01-C (Custom Label)

By integrating different components into a single part number, this eliminates the need to itemize each element, greatly simplifying the ordering process. Now, when our customer comes to reorder this part, they don’t need to order five different line items. They can order one part, one time, and ensure they get everything they need with minimal bureaucratic interference.

About General Digital

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