General Digital's booth at the 2012 SID trade show

What a journey!

General Digital first exhibited at the Display Week International Symposium and Exhibition a full decade ago, when General Digital’s Optical Bonding Laboratories (GD-OBL) was in its infancy.

This year, SID (Society for Information Display) hosted its 49th Display Week in Boston, Massachusetts. Jennifer Derleth, Director of Operations for GD-OBL, and Tracy Leduc, Operations Assistant, staffed our booth and dazzled the crowds with our impressive exhibit. Tracy and Jennifer talk shop with a visitor to our boothBoasting flat panel LCD monitors that perfectly demonstrated our expertise with optical bonding and film modification (e.g., antireflective films and antiglare etches), Jennifer and Tracy both educated and entertained with an attention-getting combination of movies and games.

Though the “Display Divas” were stunning to behold, our Barracuda was the star of the show. Housed in a sculpted block of ice, and Zdeno Chara marvels at the Barracuda encased in a block of iceplaying the movie “Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs,” the Barracuda creatively illustrated General Digital’s ability to provide low storage temperature bonds.

Along for the ride were larger-than-life cardboard cutouts of some of Boston’s most famous athletes: Zdeno Chara of the Boston Bruins; David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox; and Larry Bird of the Boston Celtics. It was General Digital’s way of paying homage to Bean Town in all of its glory.

After three days of booth-trooping, Jennifer and Tracy packed it all up and shipped it all home. But though the lights go out, the good memories never fade.

Jennifer demonstrates her golfing talents in our booth

A view of the 2012 SID trade show floor

2012 SID Display Week trade show billboard