Washington D.C.

What’s better than spending three days in the capital of our great nation? How about exhibiting at AUSA’s Annual Meeting & Expo? That’s right, from October 10th-12th Tenell Rhodes and Brian Martin set up shop at the Walter Washington Convention Center in the heart of the city. Ken Hagland, another display specialist at General Digital, joined us in presenting our wares over the course of the three days. Though we have exhibited at the AUSA Winter Symposium in Fort Lauderdale for the past five years, this was our first time at AUSA’s premier venue.

General Digital's Booth at the 2011 AUSA Annual Meeting & Exposition

On display were some of our road trip regulars as well as some of our other unique and interesting flat panel LCD monitors. Between showing movies in HD and providing a large screen on which to engage in PlayStation 3 games, the 37-inch Titan was big and bold. With monitors as large as 65 inches (and beyond), the 37-inch Titan is not the largest of our monitors; however, because it is relatively portable, it has become one of our established trade show icons. General Digital’s Booth at the 2011 AUSA Annual Meeting & ExpositionOf course, the 8.4-inch Barracuda (fully environmentally sealed against water, dust, sand, and oil) made an appearance. Completely submerged in a fully-decorated fish tank, and playing Finding Nemo and the SpongeBob Square Pants movies, the Barracuda sparked lots of interest. Our 19-inch TwoView (dual flip-up LCDs rack mount unit) was front and center in our booth, with the TwoView Micro (dual flip-down LCDs rack mount unit without keyboard and trackball) affixed to the rack above it. Both units offer the convenience of two monitors in the space normally reserved for one. The 24-inch widescreen Saber Standalone joined us for the trade show, as well. It’s slim profile and silicone backlit buttons showed remarkably well. Perhaps our most diverse monitor was the 15.4-inch Saber PanelMount Solar unit. This monitor does a great job of showing off many of the capabilities that we offer. It boasts a heater, touch screen, EMI filter, night vision goggle compatibility, sunlight readability, LED backlights, and backlit buttons. Not to mention that it’s quite stylish!

2011 AUSA Annual Meeting & Exposition

2011 AUSA Annual Meeting & ExpositionAn expo this large demanded that we not only man the booth but also walk the convention center. We visited the booths of many of our customers, discussing current and new programs along the way. We were also able to meet new prospects who found that we are highly qualified to provide them with the products and services that perfectly suit their needs. It was undoubtedly a great opportunity for us and we look forward to exhibiting well into the future.

Of course, when have you ever known us to call it quits after just three days? Having been invited to attend the Small Business Exposition at Northrop Grumman the very next morning, we were given the opportunity to set up some of our displays from the trade show. In addition, we were introduced to program managers and systems engineers who work on programs similar to those that already employ what we offer. Again, it was a great event to attend because we are always looking for ways to accommodate our customers’ needs. With a November business trip looming, the search continues….