AUSA Trade Show

AUSA Trade Show

General Digital exhibited at the 2011 AUSA ILW Army Winter Symposium in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The three-day event spanned February 23rd-25th and Tenell Rhodes and Brian Martin were there manning the booth. As in years past, we were complemented on the originality of our booth design. Our fully submerged 8.4-inch Barracuda LCD monitor continues to steal the show. The fully decorated 10-gallon aquarium in which we submerged the Barracuda commanded the attention of both exhibitors and attendees alike. It remains a great way to inform and remind customers that we are able to specialize LCD monitors for virtually any application.

Jennifer Derleth, the operations manager for our Optical Bonding Laboratory, was also on hand during the middle day of the symposium. One of the displays in our booth featured a 10.4-inch Saber Standalone LCD monitor with an optically bonded touch screen. It was enclosed in an “igloo” emitting dry ice vapor to illustrate that General Digital’s Optical Bonding Laboratory can optimize LCD monitors to operate at temperatures as low as –65 degrees Celsius. Needless to say, the display certainly turned heads.  Jennifer was the star of the show with one of the year’s boldest design ideas.

We also featured our TwoView rack mount dual flip-up LCD monitors with integrated keyboard and trackball. This perennial favorite features two 15-, 17-, or 19-inch LCD monitors in a slick 2U high design. It remains highly prized in military circles where space is a rare commodity and performance cannot be sacrificed. The TwoView is an excellent example of General Digital’s commitment to innovation and imagination.

Sharing center stage with the TwoView were our Saber Standalone 21.5-inch and 24-inch LCD monitors. Treasured by the air traffic control industry for their durability and versatility, the Saber Standalone series is a trade show regular. From integrated speakers, sunlight readability to touch screen capability, they provide our customers with the reliable service they’ve come to expect from General Digital.

Many at the show will remember us because we were the ones playing beach volleyball and table tennis on our PS3 using Playstation Move. Nothing enhances gaming like playing on the big screen, and our Titan 37-inch LCD monitor definitely lent new dimensions to the experience. Exhibitors and attendees were bitten by the bug and couldn’t resist bumping, serving, and spiking in high definition. In addition, we showed movies (King Kong, Iron Man2, Twilight Eclipse) and shared popcorn, completing the General Digital trade show phenomenon.

If you missed us, don’t despair. We’ll be exhibiting at several trade shows this year. Our booth wil lbe easy to spot, what with the incredible monitors, engaging movies, and large crowds. We’ll be bringing along the PS3 so you may want to get in shape for a grueling day at the beach! Contact us—we may be visiting your area soon on one of our road trips and we would love to stop in to give a demonstration of our products and services.